Ultrawide monitors are the new dilemma and everybody loves them for their wide viewing angle, and the screen real estate.

The Dell P3221W is the flagship Dell monitor that offers a curved ultrawide display. But, how does it stack up against the competitors?

In order to clear the air, we have compiled a complete DELL P321W monitor review, in which we have discussed the overall design, screen, connectivity, and performance of this machine, so you can easily choose your next ultrawide curved screen monitor easily.

DELL P3421W Monitor

DELL P3421W Monitor
Screen Size34-Inches
Panel TypeIPS Panel
Screen Resolution1440p
Refresh Rate60hz
Response Time5ms
Aspect Ratio21:9
Peak Brightness300-knits
Display Colors1.08B
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment-5.0˚ ~ 21.0˚


Design is perhaps the most striking part of this monitor, as it comes with a curved ultrawide screen, which looks amazing. The quality of the monitor speaks for itself, apart from that, the design of the monitor is also very futuristic looking, and kind of similar to the other business-class Dell monitors.

Looking at the front side of the monitor, you get the classic Dell workstation vibe with very mediocre bezels on all three sides, and little hefty bezels on the bottom with the Dell logo engraved. As the screen on this monitor is curved, which actually puts you in control of the center for an immersive experience. This monitor is actually better than the dual monitor setup, as there is no bezel dividing the monitor into two.

Coming on to the backside of the monitor, the monitor has a gray matt finish, with the Dell logo on the center of the screen, which provides this monitor business class feel. Additionally, there are buttons on the left side, which can be accessed very easily.

Talking of the stand, the stand of the DELL P3221W monitor is finished in silver color, and it’s a fully functional stand, which comes with tilting, swiveling, and height adjustment functionality. The thing that hooked up about this monitor is the 150mm height adjustment

You can easily adjust it according to your convenience. On top of that, as it’s a VESA 100mm compatible monitor, you can easily mount it using any of the VESA compatible wall hanging brackets.


Dell P3221W has a screen that is compatible with people seeking their new work monitor. This monitor comes with a high-quality 34-inches IPS panel with 3800R Curvature, and an ultrawide screen, which allows you to fit in all of your work in a single space. So, you do not need to use a dual monitor or move to and fro between screens.

This panel offers WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, which looks stunning on this monitor. The IPS display panel used in this monitor is of fantastic quality. There are no bleeding issues, or IPS glow on this monitor. Also, the colors on the screen are super-rich, with the static contrast ratio of 1000:1, the brights are extra bright, with deep blacks. When you combine that with the 300 nits brightness, the result is just magical.

Furthermore, it has the 99% sRGB color gamut, that can produce whooping 1.07 billion colors for wide color fidelity, and to our surprise the colors on this monitor screen straight out of the box are well-calibrated, and you do not need to spend hours, and hours adjusting the color combination.

Despite the fact that the text is not as sharp as the Dell Ultrasharp monitors, still, considering the price difference we are not disappointed with this monitor. Apart from the text sharpness, everything seems perfect about the image quality of this monitor.

Another key feature of the P3421W display is the 21:9 aspect ratio, which is a real game-changer, especially when you are shifting from the dual monitor setup. Everything on this monitor seems butter fluid. The screen of this monitor is also coated with 3H anti-glare technology for better performance without any reflection on the screen.

Not to mention, this monitor comes with Flicker-free technology which keeps the stress off your eyes. Also, there is the Blue Light filter, in case you do not like the blue light coming off the monitor display. The cherry on the top is the ComfortView mode in this monitor, which ensures additional comfort to your eyes, making this machine a perfect fit for a long working period.


Connectivity on this machine is at par with the other flagship series monitors of Dell, this monitor comes with one Displayport 1.2, one HDMI port 2.0, 1 USB-TYPE C upstream (which can be used for powering up the monitor), and one USB port (3.2).

Since it comes with different ports, you can use different machines with the monitor, and shift the input for better work efficiency. As you can aspect from the Dell work series monitors, there are no built-in speakers, and you have to use external speakers.


Now, coming straight to the performance of the monitor, this monitor has nothing spectacular to offer here, as it’s just not built for gaming. Nevertheless, this monitor offers mediocre gaming performance that is perfect for casual gaming.

It has a 60hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time, which is kind of OKAY for casual gaming, but, sadly, it does not allow you to play any of the AAA titles. Even if you want to play AAA titles, you have to play it on the lowest possible settings. As expected, there is no support for the AMD FreeSync, so you might experience shutter, and screen tearing on the screen.

  • Excellent Quality
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Ultrawide Screen
  • 1440p Display Resolution
  • Excellent Contrast
  • Wide Connectivity Options
  • 60Hz Only
  • No Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Dell P3421W Monitor Good for Gaming?

No, the Dell P3421 is a working monitor, and you cannot play games in the best possible settings. Although, you can play games on this monitor, however, we do not recommend playing games on this monitor, as the experience would be pretty rough.

What is the Resolution & Response Time on the Dell P3421W Monitor?

The resolution on the Dell P3421W monitor is 1440p, while the response time is 5ms GTG, which is amazing. 

Is the Dell P3421W G-SYNC Compatible?

No, the Dell P3421W is not G-SYNC compatible. So, you cannot use it for gaming.


The Dell P3421W is a working monitor that comes with 1440p display resolution, a curved display, an IPS panel that supports the ultrawide resolution.

If you are seeking a monitor for work-related tasks, then we highly recommend this monitor, however, this monitor is not a good fit for gaming, as it has a very low refresh rate, and additionally, it does not support FreeSync.

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