The Dell P3421W and Dell U3419W are very similar monitors, as both of these are ultra-wide curved monitors, and above all, they are very similarly priced, so a lot of people get confused between these two monitors.

To make the purchase decision easier, we have put together both of these machines against each other, so you can choose the right machine for your needs.

That being said, let’s jump into the details, and check out the guide.

Dell P3421W vs Dell U3419W Comparison Table

SpecificationDell U3419WDell P3421W
Screen Size34″34″
Panel TypeIPS Panel with 1900R CurvatureIPS Panel with 3800R Curvature
Screen Resolution1440p1440p
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz
Response Time8ms (5ms Turbo)8ms (5ms Turbo)
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Peak Brightness300-Knits300-Knits
Display Colors1.08B1.08B
Audio Output2 9W SpeakersNo Speakers
Tilt Adjustment-5 to 30-5 to 30
Dell U3419w Ultrasharp 34-Inch WQHD...
  • Increased screen curvature improves your field of view, reduces reflections and creates near-uniform visual focus, so you can work comfortably for longer
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-By-Picture (PBP) features enable you to view content from two different computer sources simultaneously.
  • With USB-C connectivity you can connect your laptop to the monitor and charge up to 90Wi from a single source, protected by Dell’s built-in surge protection.
  • 60 hertz
Dell 34 Inch Ultrawide , WQHD (Wide...
  • Immersive Productivity: See more and achieve more on this 34” ultrawide
  • Work Comfortably: Tilt, swivel and adjust the height of your monitor
  • Multitask Mode: Multitask effciently with two PC sources using built-in Picture-by-Picture and Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) features.
  • Easy on the eyes: Optimize eye comfort with a flicker-free screen and Comfort View, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions.


The design of both of these monitors have a lot of similarities, as both of these monitors are ultrawide, and curved, with the same curvatures, but there are some differences to both of these monitors.

Dell P3421W

Firstly, we will discuss the design of the Dell P3421W monitor. This monitor has an ultrawide curved display, with a 3800R curvature, putting you in the center of the action. The bezels on the screen are also very slim, making it a frameless monitor.

Additionally, it has a high-performance stand, which is made out of metal, with chrome coating, providing a fantastic look to the monitor, with great contrast of space gray and silver. Also, the stand of the monitor is heavy and perfectly supports the monitor screen. The best thing about this stand is that it comes with tilting, swiveling, and height adjustment functionalities. This monitor has a 150mm height adjustment capability. So, you can easily adjust the screen exactly the way you want it to be. 

On the backside of the screen, it has the Dell logo, and likewise, all the ports are also present at the backside of the monitor. Interestingly, there is a cable management clip present at the back of the monitor. So, you do not have to buy any third-party accessories for making the desk neat.

Dell U3419W Monitor

The Dell U3419W is also an ultrawide curved monitor, just like its competitor, but with a twist. This variant has a 1900R curvature, which means this monitor has more curves than the former.

Likewise, it has very slim bezels, and a frameless design, making a nearly immersive video watching experience. Also, it has a similar color pattern, as is the case with the Dell P3421W, with an excellent contrast of space gray and silver.

The adjustments on this monitor are also higher than the Dell P3421W, as it offers pivot, tilting, and swiveling functionalities, but, it comes with a cost, as the height adjustment on this monitor is limited at 115mm. Amazingly, it also has a cable management system for easy adjustment of the wires.

Final Words

Although the design of both these monitors looks the same, there are some similarities between both of these monitors, as the Dell P3421W has the 3800R curvature, and on the other hand, the Dell U3419W has 1900R curvature. Likewise, the Dell U3419W supports pivoting, while the former does not. Lastly, the Dell P3421W has a 150mm height adjustment as compared to the 115mm height adjustment on the Dell U3419W monitor.


Although both of these monitors have 34-inches ultra-wide curved screens, still, there are some things that you should have in your mind before pulling the trigger on any of the monitors. So, you can get the monitor which perfectly suits your needs.

Dell P3421W

The Dell P3421W comes with a 34-inches IPS panel with a curvature of 3800R, which makes it flatter than the U3419W. The panel used in this monitor is also of fantastic quality and offers superior performance with sharp, and accurate colors.

It has 3440 x 1440 (1440p resolution), which looks amazing on this screen size. Additionally, it has a 60hz refresh rate for smooth performance without any issue of lagging or shattering. Likewise, it has an 8ms normal response time, which can be turbo-boosted to 5ms GTG.

The contrast ratio at 1000:1, and 300 nits brightness also makes sure you get the perfect picture quality, with deep blacks, and brighter whites, and as it has excellent brightness. So, you won’t have any issues while watching night-themed movies either.

There are various modes available on this monitor, which can be accessed by using the OSD menu. Controlling the OSD is also super-easy, and quick, and you can easily control it using the joystick present at the backside of the monitor.

The Blue-Light Filter and the Eye Comfort Mode are also standard on this monitor, which means you can work on your projects for a longer period without any stress on your eyes. Lastly, it has an anti-glare coating for keeping the reflection away from the screen.

Dell U3419W Monitor

The Dell U3419W monitor has the same panel as the Dell P3421W monitor. So, everything here is the same as above excluding the fact that this monitor has 1900R curvature, which means the viewing angles on this monitor are shorter as compared to the former.

Final Words

The Dell P3421W vs Dell U3419W share the same panel. So, everything about the resolution, refresh rate, and other specifications of the monitor are the same. The only difference here is in the curvature of the monitor, as the Dell U3419W you 1900R curvature, while the Dell P3421W has the 3800R curvature.


Connectivity is another crucial factor that can make or break your purchase decision, and both of these monitors have different connectivity options. So, beware here.

Dell P3421W

The Dell P3421W comes with one Displayport 1.2, one HDMI port 2.0, 1 USB TYPE C port with 65W power delivery, one USB 3.1 port (downstream), one USB 3.1 port (upstream), and two USB 2.0 ports. That means, there is no shortage of ports on this monitor.

Sadly, there are no speakers available on this monitor. 

Dell U3419W

The Dell U3419W kills the Dell P3421W in connectivity, as it offers better wattage at 90W, and also there are two 9W speakers for power-boosted same. Rest, all the ports available on the Dell P3421W are also present on this monitor.

Final Words

The Dell U3419 has no doubt better connectivity than the Dell P3421W as it comes with more power wattage, and built-in speakers, which is amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Difference Between the 3800R and 1900R curvature?

Well, the “R” rating in the curvature describes the radius of the curvature. The smaller the number is, the higher will be the curve of the monitor. So, in this case, the 1900R monitor is more curved as compared to the 3800R monitor.

What is the Resolution on the Dell P3421W Monitor?

The resolution on the Dell P3421W monitor is 1440p, with a refresh rate of 60hz, while the response time on this monitor is 8ms, which can be turbo-boosted to 5ms GTG.

What is the Resolution on the Dell U3419W Monitor?

The resolution on the Dell U3419W is the same as the Dell P3421W, as both of them share the same panel. Thus, this monitor also has a 1440p resolution with a 60hz refresh rate and 5ms GTG response time.


The Dell P3421W and the Dell U3419Q monitors are nearly identical monitors, as they share the same design philosophy, also, they have the same display panel. Thus, a lot of people get confused between these two monitors.

Thus, we have compiled this detailed guide, in which we have listed all the differences and similarities between both.

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