Often, many gaming monitors have good specifications, but they also have some of the additional features that most users don’t want, which makes a choice even more complicated. 

To save users from all the complications, Dell S2716DG cut to the chase, offering simple and to the point outstanding gaming features along with an impressive refresh rate TN panel and the strong support of Nvidia Technology

Furthermore, incorporating all the G-sync features offers a smoother gaming experience without any screen sharing or starting. As a result, this Dell monitor is a perfect gaming monitor that is highly responsive and provides an experience beyond all expectations. 

In this article, we will be thoroughly reviewing Dell S2716DG, and at the end, we will also give a brief calibration guide for the model. So, similar to this Dell model, let’s cut to the chase and start with the article. 

Dell S2716DG Calibration

Calibration of Dell S2716DG might be a little difficult for some people; therefore, we have provided a brief guide so that you can enjoy the outstanding experience provided by this monitor. 

With the help of this calibration guide, you can also prevent significant issues like ghosting on the screen. For proper calibration, you will have to install one or two software and gather a few resources. 

Don’t worry; we have mentioned everything in this guide, so read thoroughly. This calibration will help you in boosting the overall performance and image quality of the monitor. 

Requirements for the Calibration

  • Nvidia GPU model
  • Nvidia drivers
  • A Displayport
  • Dell monitor driver, which is readily available on the Dell support site.
  • Nvidia GeForce Drivers

Dell S2716DG Calibration Steps:

  1. The first step is to install Nvidia and Dell monitor drivers. You have to down-load the Dell S2716DG driver because you are calibrating this model. You can easily find the applications and links for installing the drivers on your laptop or computer. Once you have installed the Nvidia driver, switch off your computer and start again before you start with the installation process of the Dell S2716DG driver. There is a proper link and application available on the Dell monitor support site; from there, you can down-load the driver; once you have installed it, you can reboot your device once to proceed with the further calibration steps. 
  2. The next step is on-screen display calibration that can be done using the actual buttons provided on the monitor. Put the brightness level of the monitor at 75% and the contrast level at 77%. As far as the customization of color is concerned that are: red, green, and blue set them at 97%, 99%, and 96%, respectively.
  3. Now the next step is to calibrate the Nvidia control panel for which right-click on the desktop background. After which, select the Nvidia control panel. When the control panel opens, select the desktop color settings given on the left side of the screen. After clicking on that option, select use Nvidia -settings provided on the right side, and after that, a drop-down menu will appear from where you can switch between group settings. Make sure that you set the default option to All channels.
  4. The last step is to configure the level of all the channels that are provided below. 
  • Brightness: + 45% 
  • Contrast: + 55%
  • Gamma: + 0.96
  • Digital vibration: + 45%

Now let’s go on to the color channels.

Red Channel:

  • Brightness: + 40%
  • Contrast: + 70%
  • Gamma: + 100

Blue Channel:

  • Brightness: + 50%
  • Contrast:+ 50%
  • Gamma:+ 1.00

Green Channel:

  • Brightness: + 50%
  • Contrast: + 50%
  • Gamma: + 0.89

You must enter all the settings correctly so that you can get desired changes. After setting all the configurations properly, you can close the Nvidia control panel and restart your device. 

The calibration of Dell S2716DG is considered to be complicated, but it is not that complex. All you have to do is follow the steps correctly.

 As a result, you will see significant improvements in the monitor’s color quality visuals and overall performance.

 Since the Dell S2716DG has a TN display panel, it becomes necessary to calibrate the monitor to have a better color reproduction that you might not get if you have not calibrated the monitor.

 As per the tests, after the calibration, Dell S2716DG has provided even better results and picture quality that has enhanced the overall gaming experience of the users. 

Review of Dell S2716DG

Dell S2716DG monitor is an outstanding monitor if you want to have a gaming experience with the console; however, it can be a little average as a desktop monitor.

 All in all, Dell S2716DG is a fantastic gaming monitor that offers outstanding visual quality along with the fastest response time. Therefore it is best for the gamers who love to play competitive games with high-end graphics. First, let’s look at some of the specifications in depth.

Performance of Dell S2716DG

The performance provided by Dell S2716DG

The monitor is outstanding. Since the monitor is equipped with the fastest response time of 1ms, users get to see sharp images and visuals of the fast-moving objects that are a must-required element for gaming.

 The monitor has a TN display panel which can be a little drawback because the color reproduction is average. If the monitor had an IPS or a VA display panel, it would have increased the efficiency of the performance to the highest level. 

Because of the TN panel, the accuracy of color can be a bit compromised; therefore, professional photographers and graphic designers might face difficulty while using this monitor; therefore, it is not advisable for them. 

For beginners in photography, graphic designing, or gaming, this monitor can do well as it is equipped with outstanding features and a fast processor, which is generally required for professional work. 

The processor of this monitor is fast, and with the incorporation of Nvidia Technology, it has become even more excellent. 

The monitor is also equipped with a good refresh rate of 144 Hz; therefore, the combination of fast response time and refresh rate makes it even more efficient as a gaming monitor. 

Design of Dell S2716DG

A good and solid design has become one of the biggest priorities nowadays, and nobody wants to have a boring design for their monitor. Dell S2716DG has a traditional design. Developers have not taken many risks with the design of this model.

 However, there are few changes from the previous models of Dell monitors. This model of Dell has a dark color that is different from the previous Dell models, therefore making it a bit unique. In the design, the most effective and fascinating thing is placing the bezels on the front panel. 

The bezels on this model are so thin that it gets difficult for the person looking at the monitor to the point where the bezels are integrated. Narrow bezels are neatly placed, and sometimes it appears that the monitor does not have a frame altogether. 

The entire design has a neat finish; everything is placed so nicely. The monitor has a similar traditional stand that can be popularly seen in most Dell monitors, and the stand is entirely flat from the bottom.

 The stand is flexible, and you can conveniently tilt and rotate the monitor in every direction. Another most fascinating thing related to the stand is you can also place the monitor horizontally. 

The design of this model is excellent and has perfectly placed all the buttons along with a lot of connectivity ports. Even though the design is not any different from the traditional designs of Dell monitors, the overall appearance of the Dell S2716DG comes out solid and steady in all aspects. 

Features of Dell S2716DG

The next category is the features in which Dell has outdone itself in the Dell S2716DG model. One of the fascinating features of this monitor is the availability of 4 USB 3.0 ports which are pretty rare in most gaming monitors. Most of the gaming monitors available in the market provide USB 2.0 ports. 

Therefore it is quite a step up for Dell. You can also see a headphone jack port on the left side of the screen, and most of the connectivity options are available on the sides themselves instead of at the back. Two more USB ports are provided at the back.

 The bonus in Dell S2716DG is the compatibility of Nvidia G-Sync, which is considered outstanding for providing lively and exceptional visuals. The visuals of this monitor are life-like, and you will be in awe of what you will see on this monitor. 

Every image and video you see on this monitor is free from blurriness because of the perfect synchronization of the GPU and the monitor’s refresh rate. 

Although on the disappointing side, the monitor lacks external speakers, which can disappoint the gamers. Other than this disappointing feature, the monitor is a bang-on device with an EDGE to EDGE glass. 

Viewing Angle and Durability

Dell S2716DG offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees in the vertical position and 170 degrees horizontally. The model is 27 inches and has a TN display panel which brings down viewing angles a bit. 

The display and the viewing angle might not be very impressive in this monitor, so if you were hoping to get a bigger screen with better viewing angles, this might not be the right monitor field. Talking about the durability of this monitor, the design is excellent, as we discussed above. 

Regarding the specifications and features provided by Dell S2716DG, we have heard a few complaints related to the bad USB signal and LED bleeding out, but those are very rare, so they might not happen in your case.  

The monitor is quite durable considering the design is traditional, and with the reliability of the conventional design of Dell Monitors, durability comes along. 

The monitor is also equipped with anti-glare technology, so you will not have to worry about the strain on your eyes. 


  • Dell S2716DG has a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels. 
  • Equipped with fastest response time: 1ms and good refresh rate: 144Hz. 
  • You get stable visuals and images without any lag or screen tearing. 
  • It is equipped with a fast processor.
  • Incorporated with Nvidia G-sync Technology offers a more excellent gaming experience to the users. 
  • It has USB port 3.0.


  • Dell S2716DG has a TN display panel which can cause problems when it comes to color reproduction. 
  • There are no external speakers.
  • The color contrast and accuracy are not up to the mark.
  • The design of the monitor is traditional and boring.

Undoubtedly, Dell S2716DG has few drawbacks, but the flaws are not very major that you cannot ignore.

 Considering the overall positive features provided by this monitor, we can safely say that as a gaming monitor, it is one of the best as it renders faster and powerful performance along with excellent visual quality.

 This was the review of Dell S2716DG, and we hope now you have a better understanding of the specifications of the monitors. To sum up, we have also provided a brief list of the pros and cons of this monitor. 

Further, we will be providing a small guide related to the calibration of Dell S2716DG. 

Summing Up

Here comes the end of the article. This article covered the in-depth review of Dell S2716DG along with the calibration process. The overall experience you get in this monitor is outstanding, and most gamers prefer this gaming monitor curated with a load of efficiency by Dell. 

However, whether this monitor is perfectly suitable for you or not ultimately depends on your requirements. If this monitor does not support your whims and needs, you can undoubtedly look for other gaming monitors on the market.

 Furthermore, Dell S2716DG is considered to be a little expensive because many people have not purchased this monitor. 

Still, we can assure you that every penny that you invest in this monitor proves to be valuable, and you get excellent results when you use this outstanding Dell gaming monitor. 

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