People are often confused between the most common terminologies, related to a computer system that is a Desktop, and a Monitor. A desktop is often confused with the monitor and the monitor is also sometimes referred to as the desktop.

But, it needs to be understood that both, the monitor and the desktop are two different things and have different functionalities. 

Below are some pointers to understand what the desktop and the monitor really mean.

Desktop VS Monitor – Comparison

This article talks about the difference between the Desktop and the Monitor.

1. A monitor is the hardware part of a computer system whereas the desktop is basically the software part. A monitor is actually that part of a computer system that can be touched and it looks like a television screen. It is an output device. A desktop is actually a type of computer system that is used for office work and personal use at home. It is not portable and is a little bulky. A monitor is actually a part of the desktop computer system.

2. Monitor is just a display device that is available with a computer system. It is a high-resolution device that is mainly used for generating outputs in digital format on the screen. The information may be a document file, a movie being played, or a simple image. A desktop can be used for playing audio files also. It has speakers incorporated with it and alongwith that it has a keyboard and a mouse also to perform other tasks.

3. A monitor can be understood as a peripheral device that just follows the desktop’s commands and displays what exactly the desktop commands it to do. A desktop is on the other hand the sole controller of every processing that takes place in the computer system as it comprises a CPU that controls all the programming of the computer system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use any monitor with any desktop?

Yes, one can use a monitor without a desktop. The monitor is a medium to display the processing that happens within the system. It is actually a peripheral device that just uses an HDMI cable for enabling the connection. It can be used as a second monitor also in some cases when you want to enhance the visual characteristics of your system.

Can I use my laptop as a monitor with HDMI?

Yes, you can surely use your laptop’s screen as a monitor with HDMI. The HDMI port is preferred because it is easy to set up the connection with an HDMI port. The HDMI port is easy to locate and also the most common methodology to make connections between two or more devices.


So, a monitor and desktop are two different things that have different roles to play when it comes to the system’s working. The screen is displayed on the desktop’s monitor. A monitor is not much more than the TV screen of the computer system.

Thus, we need to have a clear idea about the difference between these two. Also, remember that a monitor can exist without a desktop as it is just a peripheral device to display the output of what is happening inside the system.

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