Having a monitor with inbuilt speakers is a sort of boon. It gives you an amazing sound experience and at the same time it favors your musical and movie nights. So, to have a great audio experience you need, if you have can buy a monitor with an inbuilt speaker then you would be someone who doesn’t have to invest on buying up additional external speakers.

So, before buying up any system you should remember to check upon its user manual or information manual to get an idea whether the system’s monitor has inbuilt speakers or not.

In this article we are particularly concerned about the Alienware monitor. Whether it has inbuilt speakers or not. So to get an idea of this statement below are some pointers to look upon-

Do Alienware Monitors have Speakers?

You should know that in case of an Alienware monitor system there are no inbuilt speakers available in it. The monitor is not having the utility to give out sound if no external device is connected to it that is the reason why we don’t get any sound from a speaker-less Alienware system.

The Alienware speaker has to be connected to external source to give out sound output. You may use a speaker or a microphone for sound output. If you play any sound for example any audio clip in your Alienware monitor and if it is not connected to any external speaker or audio output device then you may not be able to hear the sound which you have played.

For connecting the Alienware monitor to external speakers you may use an HDMI cable for transmission of sound from the system to the speakers. The HDMI-ARC type cable is the best one for this purpose as it carries sound in terms of analog signals, which do not get affected by external disturbances.

Also, the method to check whether your Alienware model has inbuilt speakers or not is to see that sound card slot of your system. This is mainly present behind your monitor and if the sound card is not present there then you may deduce that this Alienware model has no inbuilt speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alienware 25 monitor have speakers?

No, the Alienware 25 has no in-built speakers in it. It relies on the utility of external sources for output sound. The Alienware 25 needs to be connected to a headphone that will give out the output then.

How do I get my Dell monitor to play sound?

Simply follow the arrowheads given below to let your Dell monitor play sound:

Go to START, then click on it>Move on to Settings>Then, click System>Then on the left hand side click on ‘Sound’>Then, you will get an option, ‘Choose your output device’, from that menu chose the device which you want to connect with your Dell monitor for the output sound.


The main thing to remember is that you should first check for the availability of inbuilt speakers in your system. This information is present in your system’s user manual. Also whenever you are undertaking a job to connect your monitor to a speaker try to do it with the help of an HDMI-ARC cable.

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