Most speakers nowadays have inbuilt speakers in them. This has replaced the age-old monitors that used to have only external speakers that provided not much a better sound quality and also those monitors lagged behind in some new advanced features and settings. Monitors with built in speakers provide us with additional sound experiences and also give us a real-time enjoyment of whatever we play on our computer system.

Now, coming on to the gaming laptops we see that games are all about better visuals and sound output. These two things add to a better gaming experience so that we may enjoy the games being played to the fullest and with the best dimensions.

So, some pointers that we may consider when it comes to the presence of speakers in gaming laptops are given below. Just ponder over these to have an idea-

Do Gaming Monitors have Speakers?

Most of the gaming monitors still lag built-in speakers for they need external speakers to rely upon for their audio output. Gaming computers are a bit costlier as they require a curved monitor too for a better vision. So, if both the speakers and the curvature’s characteristics are inculcated in the monitor it will become a bit costlier for the buyer.

But nowadays the gaming monitor systems that come up are very much high-tech enabled and also have sound optimizers that enhance the sound quality but have a low bass due to which the output sound is a bit low.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my monitor has speakers?

To check whether your monitor has speakers or not just look at the back of it and see if you can locate an audio jack input. Also, check whether you can locate the sound card on your computer to see whether it has inbuilt speakers or not.

You may also move to the Control Panel and check for the Sound settings, there you may see if you get an option of ‘Bass and treble settings’ then you may conclude that the monitor has got speakers with it.

Does HDMI carry sound?

Yes, HDMI is a very well-known sound carrier. It is considered to be better than optical cables and can transmit sound without multiple connections and settings. the sound quality present in it is also very good. As it carries sound in analog form so the transmitted sound is free from any interferences and disturbances.


So, it is very important to have speakers embedded in gaming monitors to have the best sound experience while enjoying games. So, just think over the features that are present in a particular monitor so that you may not get fooled off if you go to buy a gaming desktop and the monitor comes out to be that which has no speakers. The features may be present in the user manual or you may call up the brand’s customer service care and look for further details regarding the monitor.

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