In today’s era where unpredictability has gone to its highest-end, where people are not sure what will happen to them at the very next moment, where we don’t know whether we will be there to our destination or not, it becomes very important to have something to be connected with your loved ones. So, nothing can replace the technology of video conferencing.

Yes, video conferencing has endowed us with the feature to communicate with our loved ones anytime and anywhere. This technology has blessed us to feel like we are connected with our relatives, friends, and family members.

But, how to enable video conferencing? The prerequisite thing is to have webcams in your system for video transmission. 

So, this article talks about the presence of cameras in monitors for the service of video conferencing.

Do Monitors have Cameras?

Most of the monitors do not have inbuilt cameras in them. This creates a need to have external cameras in your systems for enabling video conferencing. So, if you are an office guy then you might have the use of a webcam much more often so it is better to have a system with a webcam enabled with it. This information can be checked in the user manual or can be derived from the brand’s customer care service.

The presence of a built-in camera does not add much to the performance of the monitor or the system in total. It just enables you to go on with the service to have video calls with your colleagues, office workers, or even your informal connection. Also, remember that having a webcam on your monitor adds to its price and also further increases its maintenance cost.

The disadvantage of having a webcam on your monitor is that it might be very difficult to replace or upgrade the webcam of your system if it gets disrupted in any way. So, we need to be cautious while we use a webcam.

The advantage of an external camera is that it can be flexibly mounted on the top of the monitor and can be rotated as per your need. Also if it gets disrupted then it can be repaired easily without any opening up or replacement of any of the system’s parts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do desktop monitors come with webcams?

Most of the monitors do not come up with webcams. You need to have an external camera to have the utility of video conferencing on your system. The external camera is placed generally on the top of your monitor.

Which monitor has the best webcam?

Some of the monitors that have the best webcams are:

  • HP EliteDisplay E243m


So we need to remember that having an internal webcam is an amazing feature of a monitor. Also, it reduces the time and energy to set up an external webcam before any meeting or video conferencing. But, it has its own cons also- You need to change the whole monitor if something gets wrong with the webcam. It is easy to replace or repair an external webcam if it gets faulty.

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