Having a monitor with embedded speakers is a boon for us in today’s world. This is a type of prerequisite thing for those who have a special liking for music and clear audio experiences. So when it comes to monitors with embedded speakers, we should remember that they enhance our sound experience and also at the same time cuts off our cost of buying external speakers. So, always have an inclination towards buying a monitor with built-in speakers

Here in this article we discuss about the MSI monitors. Whether they have speakers in them or not? The various useful pointers associated with the presence of speakers in MSI monitors and their utility.

Do MSI Monitors have Speakers?

  1. To be authentic, the MSI monitors do not have speakers embedded in them. They are having no speakers in them because of which they lack sound outputs when not connected to an external output sound source or an external speaker.
  2. MSI monitors are to be always connected to external speakers for every audio output-related work. These monitors are having audio jack ports at the back of their monitor to connect them to any external speaker or device.
  3. You may use an HDMI cable to connect your MSI monitor to a speaker. Use the HDMI-ARC cable for a better experience. The HDMI-ARC lacks any interference by any other influence as it carries sound in analog from and thus is free from any disruption or fluctuations.
  4. MSI monitors have a better visual display to compensate for its no-speaker issue. So you may buy a good quality sound card and not invest in a graphic card as such to have a better sound experience from the external speaker connected to the MSI monitor as well. This completes your system with both the aspects being fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does MSI make speakers?

Yes, MSI do make speakers. The Giant Speaker Design is the name of one of the speaker products manufactured by MSI. This speaker is embedded in some of the laptops manufactured by MSI. The speaker is present at the bottom line of the laptop and is composed of a speaker and a subwoofer pair. Both these enhance the sound quality of the laptops.

How do I increase the volume on my MSI laptop?

Just follow up the arrowheads given below:

Move on to the Control Panel>Then select the Sounds option>Then, move on to the Properties option>Set it to 100>Then, move on to the Enhancements option>Select Loudness Equalization option.


This concludes that MSI monitors have no speakers in them. They require external speakers for better sound output. They have the utility for connecting them to external speakers using HDMI cables. In this category, HDMI-ARC is best for audio transmission. So, always use them whenever you are pursuing a sound output-related task.

Also, the MSI monitors have better visual displays to reduce out the cost of buying a graphic card. With that thing in mind, you may invest the money in buying a sound card for a better sound experience.

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