The Hz of your computer system is basically the refresh rate of your monitor. It stands for the number of times your monitor refreshes itself and brings back the image that is available on the screen. The FPS on the other hand is the Frame rate of your system. It tells us about the number of times the output is produced by the Graphical Processing Unit. Both are essential characteristics of a monitor and are to be understood carefully.

For gaming enthusiasts, these two are very much essential. So here we have discussed in detail the knowledge regarding both of these parameters.

This article mainly talks about the relationship between the Hz of your monitor and the GPU of your monitor. 

Does Monitor Hz Affect FPS?

The Hz of your system does not affect the FPS at all. Both entities are not correlated to each other. This fact should be kept in mind before going for any change in the display card or the Graphical Processing Unit.

Just remember that your computer’s brand affects your frame rate and nothing else. If your brand is the latest one then there would be no complaint about the frame rate. Also, the refresh rate depends upon your processor. If your processor has a good throughput then there might not be any problem with the graphical processing unit and this would automatically enhance the refresh rate.

But, also remember that somehow both these processing units are co-related to each other. Just imagine if you have a very fast refresh rate on your monitor and a very low frame rate. This might work like this: the monitor would refresh the image within a very short time of periods but the computer’s CPU might send signals for graphics at a very low rate. The time lag in between the function of both these processes might decrease the all-over throughput of your system and also the efficiency of your display unit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 165 Hz better than 144 Hz?

Yes. 165 is far better than 144 Hz. This means that your monitor refreshes the picture on the monitor 165 times faster than the 144 one, which ultimately signifies its efficiency. Such high refresh rates are best suited for gaming lovers.

Is 1ms good for gaming?

1ms is a very good feature for any computer system. It is best suited for gaming enthusiasts. Also, higher ms values can also be quite beneficial to get a very nice visual experience.


The most important thing is that the frame rate and the refresh rate of a computer system are not correlated to each other. But if there are very huge differences among both of them then a problem may occur.

There may be issues such as image fluctuations and low throughput. Also, this needs to be kept in mind that for gaming these two entities, the Hz and the FPS matter a lot so both these need to be well known in order to have a very good system for your gaming experience. 

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