Gaming has gone round the world in this new era of digitisation and industrial revolution. People are very much inclined towards game development, graphics designing and virtual reality. Sebastian Shultz’s work in sci-fiction game development has really bought up gems to him. 

Gamers are inclined towards gathering people on a platform where they can work together, play together and even get together.

Since when covid-19 has wiped the whole world out there has been a surge in much more inclination of people towards these applications and games which had helped them to get themselves engaged during the covid times. 

But what are the technicalities that gamers should keep in mind in order to have a mastery in their field of expertise.

This article mainly talks importance of the monitor’s characteristics that need to be kept in mind whenever we talk about gaming.

Does Monitor Matter for Gaming?

Monitors are essential as gaming depends upon visuals only. Monitors play an important role in gaming as the 3-D visuals and the fast movements are all based on the performance of the monitor.

The speed of the processor and the and the speed of panel shift is very much essential for a gaming monitor. On should always check the speed of response time before buying any monitor. 

Gamers should have the knowledge of Hz and FPS on their tips. They should know about the reset rate and the Graphical processing unit’s rate to make up their mind for the best monitor they want. Also, they should remember that Hz and FPS are different and function differently but they are somehow correlated. 

One should use a 5ms monitor for gaming purpose. As these type of monitors are a bit costly you may go up with a 1ms monitor also. It also has a brilliant visual directive and is faster than anything. The gaming experience should be and has to be satisfactory for the user.

Make sure that you monitor is very well in adjusting the colorations and contrasts. It should be able to change image sharpening, its dynamism and its saturation very quickly and in a fast manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does monitor size matter for gaming?

Yes, monitor size do matters for gaming. This is because the resolution of the screen and your distance from it matters for your visual experience. The screen should have the length in between 27-inch and 30-inch.

Does 60Hz mean 60 FPS?

One should always remember that Hz is the reset rate of the monitor and FPS is the rate at which the graphical processing unit sends pictures to the monitor. Both these are independent entities but they are somehow correlated to each other. 

A monitor with 60Hz reset rate of the monitor will work with a 60 FPS speed only and not less than not more than that.


So, always remember to buy a better quality monitor for gaming purposes. It enhances your experience and also it gives you nice visuals. Always check the user manual before buying a gaming monitor.

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