Imagine yourself being in a public café. You order a cup of coffee and some cookies with it. The waiter that took your order comes a little late. What impression does this create on you of the Café? Of course, this lack of response from the waiter gives you a negative impression of the café’s customer service because of which you may not even visit it again.

Similarly, we can understand the working of a computer system by understanding this real-life incident. The response time of your monitor affects the overall performance of your computer system and especially that of the display of your computer.

This article clearly highlights the relationship of the monitor with response time. Just plug in the pointers given below and then you may have a crystal clear idea about the concept.

Does Monitor Response Time Matter?

Always remember that a lower response of your monitor will affect the overall performance of your computer system. This is because a lower response time clearly suggests that the time taken for a change of screen colors and saturations is more which may directly affect the visuals and display.

The shorthand notation for monitor response time is MS. This parameter is largely for those who are crazy gaming enthusiasts. MS clearly signifies the change of colorations of the screen. It is quite important for the gaming experts as their whole enjoyment depends upon visual dynamics and color saturation etc.

An optimum time lag and monitor response time are very crucial. So, having a near good monitor response time erases the barrier between the display and the actual picture representation by the monitor.

To get a clear picture of the Response time dynamics of the monitor you may consult the monitor guide of your computer system’s brand and make your choice of monitors as per your need. Usually, the parameters to check upon are basically the monitor response time, the color change time, and the graphics stimulation time up. All these factors in combination will determine the performance of the monitor and thus the system.

The MS range should be in the range of 1-5ms. The monitors with 5 ms monitor response time are very expensive and also very less in number. Those monitors with 1 or 2ms speed can run better with a much more efficient display and all functions running in synchronization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 165 Hz good for gaming?

Yes, a 165 Hz monitor reset rate is good for gaming. It is much better than a 120 Hz gaming monitor. The whole thing depends upon your choice of interest in gaming.

How much FPS the human eye has?

The human eye has about 45 to 60 frames per second frequency.


The overall performance of your computer system depends upon the processor. Monitor response depends upon the speed of the processor so to have a good monitor with an optimum response time you need to check that the processor is good at work and also is very fast and good with throughput. 

The next thing that needs to be kept in mind is the ms range of your system which is the actual reason behind the working of a monitor.

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