Everyone expects their monitor to be the best one ever. They want to have the best visual experience for themselves and also the best movie-watching utility. The display card of your system takes care of your display and everything related to visuals and graphics. So, to have an awesome visual experience you need to have a display card enabled in your computer system. Also, the next important parameter is the presence of HDR which is High definition Resolution. But how to check whether my monitor has HDR or not. 

This article talks about some of the steps to check for HDR in your monitor or to see whether the monitor is HDR enabled or not.

So just have the points to ponder upon and then you may find the route to locate the HDR markup.

Does My Monitor have HDR?

The most common and the easiest way to determine whether your monitor is HDMI or not is to see the HDR logo. The monitor which is HDR enabled has the VESA*DisplayHDR logo on it. This logo is mainly present on the user manual or the keyboard’s interface or may also be present in the Properties option.

The HDR enabled monitors are those that are based upon the contrast ratio. The HDR feature has a very decent ratio of contrast. It merges the dark and light colors very adequately. Also, you need to remember that the main characteristic of an HDR is that is helps us to distinguish between the dark and light areas of a visual with a very fine texture and a sharp line of difference. This enhances the visual quality and the visual experience as well.

The most important thing to be kept in mind if you choose to purchase an HDR enabled monitor is the user manual. The user manual will guide you to have an idea about the various features of your monitor and will also underline the fact whether your monitor is really HDR-enabled or not.

The most important feature of an HDR is peak brightness. The peak brightness of the monitor should be low. This means that the image that will be displayed on your screen will be more clearer and brighter than the background.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use HDR on any monitor?

No, you cannot enable HDR on any monitor. This is because HDR is set on only HDR enabled monitors and depends upon the contrast ratio.

Do 1080p monitors have HDR?

Yes, 1080p monitors are HDR enabled. This is because they have 400 candela brightness which comes in the range of HDR. The monitors that have higher pixels than this are very good in terms of visuals.


Thus, determination of the HDR quality of a monitor is very important as it helps you to select between ordinary monitors and HDR monitors. Also if you are a gaming enthusiast then you must know that the HDR characteristic is very important for you. 

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