You might get confused between Edge Router and Pfsense while choosing a router. Both Edge Router and Pfsense offer special functions; hence the confusion is understandable. Edge router. Edge routers are available at cheaper rates and have amazing performance, whereas Pfsense is full of resilient features like hardware acceleration.

However, in this article, we will be sharing everything that you need to know about Edge Router and Pfsense. Let’s get started. 

EdgeRouter VS Pfsense – Detailed Comparison

EdgeRouter VS Pfsense comparison

First of all lets discuss both EdgeRouter and Pfsense in detail.


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The edge router is located at the boundary of the network with which you can connect your internal network to the external ones.

An edge router is majorly used on a Wide Area Network (WAN) and the internet. If you are aware of the edge routers, you must know two types of this router: subscriber edge router and label edge router. 

Subscriber EdgeRouter

Edge router can be used primarily first as a consumer broadband router used for connecting home networks or the network of any small office to the network of the internet service provider. 

Subscriber edge routers can also be used as an external border gateway to connect an autonomous system to your ISP’s network.

Label EdgeRouter

On the other side, the label edge router is used as multiprotocol label switching networks. Label edge routers act as a gateway between the Internet or WAN and a local network.

The edge routers are used for connecting with the external source, and it uses internet protocol and the open shortest path first to provide functions efficiently. 

Advantages of EdgeRouter

  • People can have a smooth flow of data. It plays a vital role in improving the quality of the service and the traffic slowdowns. 
  • With the help of Edge routers, people working at the distance can connect with their company’s LAN via network edge. 
  • Edge routers come with a complete security configuration that protects the network of your company or home. 

What are the Challenges Faced With EdgeRouters?

  • Edgerouter has exemplary configurations and uses the major problem that you might face with it with the edge security.
  •  We all know that companies cannot look at every IP address trying to access their network. 
  • The edge routers must be kept fully up-to-date because if it goes outdated, it can pose a risk to the network’s security.


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Pfsense is another most popular router software that several people use. Many people consider Pfsense better than an edge router because of several reasons. Let’s take a look. 

Pfsense can adapt itself to support a number of applications, and it can be used as a firewall and a router. 

With the help of Pfsense, you can control malicious content that might be trying to interrupt your network.

Pfsense is much better to use than an edge router because several people trust several features.

Advantages of Using Pfsense

  • The strength of the router software depends on the rules on which it is set and how the software uses it in the right way.

Pfsense search router software is equipped with advanced capabilities to ensure that it works precisely on the rules you have set. 

  • The best thing about using this router is that it also categorises the traffic of the network, such as dividing it into the traffic coming from the Open Internet Internal Network to change your policy according to that. 

Pfsense is open-source software that makes it convenient to use without facing any copyright issues.

This softwares is developed in a collaboration that can be used by anybody who knows the system. In open-source software, everybody tries to give their input and improve the software’s quality, because of which the software always remains at its best version. 

  • Pfsense is not only used as a firewall and router, but it also renders as a complete security system.

Pfsense comes with a unique feature per which you can add intrusion detection to assess the hackers. 

You can also add a blocking list of the already existing malicious IP address and hacker sites on this firewall software. So, whenever you come across those websites, accidentally Pfsense will automatically block them.

  • Pfsense is extremely easy to use, considering not many firewalls are easy to manage initially. 

Even while using an edge router, you might face few complications, but with Pfsense, you can get your work done smoothly. 

The interface of this software is simple and straightforward. Moreover, this software comes with detailed documentation of its functions and a separate guide to find step by step guidance

  • VPN is essential for firewalls. Still, with the numerous firewalls with different connecting speed security protocols, it might be difficult for you to find a matching VPN for your software. 

The excellent news for Pfsense users is that the software has its open-source VPN, WireGuard. 

WireGuard makes sure that your data remains encrypted all the time, and you get a secured internet connection from your ISP. 

Why Should You Use Pfsense Instead of an EdgeRouter?

  • Even though Pfsense is a bit pricey compared to the edge router, it is much more convenient to use and manageable. People often find it challenging to use an edge router. 
  • Pfsense firewall software can be used with whichever hardware you want to use it with. 
  • Pfsense has advanced features and capabilities that you cannot find in Edge Router.
  • For corporate purposes, Pfsense is the best software. 
  • It is accompanied by comprehensive guidance for setup and usage that doesn’t come with an edge router.

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In Edge Router vs Pfsense, Pfsense wins the comparison to provide a better and secure network and functions. 

Edge router has a lot of  good features, but couldn’t lead or compete with the features of Pfsense in an advanced set of capabilities.

If the edge router is working best with your requirements, then you can keep using it. However, out of both, Pfsense could be a better option to go with.

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