The refresh rate of a monitor is an essential quality of it. The refresh rate determines the time your computer screen takes to get renewed for a particular gameplay scene. The refresh rate of monitors should always be high.

Thus, we need to be very careful when choosing a monitor of our choice and especially take care when the monitor is to be used for gaming purposes.

Gaming totally depends upon the quality of display you have. A better screen with a higher resolution is preferred for game playing.

How Many Hz is My Monitor?

In this article, we describe some steps to check how many Hz of refresh rate your monitor has. This will most probably make you understand whether your monitor is good for game playing or not.

  1. Go on to the desktop screen of your monitor. Right click anywhere on the screen.
  2. You will get a pop-up menu in front of you. 
  3. Then, you need to choose ‘Display Settings’ out of the options presented in the drop-down menu.
  4. Then after clicking on ‘Display Settings,’ go on to ‘Advanced Display Settings.’ This option you will get by scrolling down the window before you.
  5. Then, a table of information and data is presented before you. Out of these, you can see the current refresh rate and the model number of your computer model. 
  6. Then, out of these options on the screen, select ‘Refresh rate’ and you will get a drop-down menu with the various refresh rates that your system supports.
  7. You will get an idea about the refresh rate supported by your system, and then you may make an idea about whether you can use your monitor for game-playing or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 120Hz good for gaming?

Yes, a 120Hz refresh rate is very good for gaming purposes. It provides a better vision and a higher image quality to the user. It ensures that the user has good sight and is particularly good for shooting games. Games like warzone are best suitable for this high range of refresh rate.

Can the human eye see 144Hz?

No, 144Hz is far beyond the range for a normal human eye. A human eye cannot see beyond 60Hz. The human eye will not be able to see 144Hz; thus, the signals that will be transferred to the brain would be altered or out of comprehension.


Thus, the refresh rate is an essential characteristic of a monitor. It is very much essential for game playing on a monitor. We may not get the same game-playing experience on a monitor with a high refresh rate as on a monitor with a low refresh rate.

We may thus conclude whether our monitor is suitable for game playing or not by getting an idea about its refresh rate. A monitor’s refresh rate can be checked by following some simple steps.

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