A ring doorbell is much more than a standard doorbell. It is a Wi-Fi doorbell that provides you a video intercom system at your front door. With the ring doorbell, you can have 24/7 surveillance of your front door. But you can only have access to the surveillance system if your Wi-Fi is connected to it all the time. 

Ring doorbell comes with many user-friendly features, and the devices are straightforward to use and connect to your Wi-Fi. If you want to change your Wi-Fi on ring doorbell, probably because you have recently changed your internet service provider, or you might be relocating, this article will tell you the steps to quickly change Wi-Fi on ring doorbell.

How to Change WiFi on Ring Doorbell – Steps

  1. Ring doorbell comes with a separate app to have full access to the device. So to change your Wi-Fi on the ring doorbell, you will first have to open the app. 
  1. You will see three lines on the top left corner of the app’s homepage. Click on the three dots and then select devices.
  1. Tap on your ring doorbell and then tap on Device Health.
  1. There, you will find the options to change the Wi-Fi network. Select that option. 
  1. For you to change your Wi-Fi network, you will have to stand near your doorbell. 
  1. Few instructions would appear on the screen with the help of which you can put your ring doorbell in a set-up mode. 
  1. In the set-up mode, you can choose your new Wi-Fi network. Enter your password and tap on Continue. 

If you cannot change Wi-Fi on your ring doorbell, you can follow a few solutions to fix the issue.

1) Try Troubleshooting

The first solution is troubleshooting done by restarting your router. To restart your router, first of all, shut it down and remove all the cables.

The one reason that your Wi-Fi might not be changing is because of too much heat on the router. So after unplugging all the cables, wait for your router to cool down properly.

Overheating the router often makes the process and functioning a bit slow. Make sure it cools down and then plug in all the cables and start your router again.

2) Check the Speed

Ring doorbells majorly work on 2.4 GHz, and for that, most of the Wi-Fi networks only provide the speed up to 2.4 GHz. 

But if you are still facing a few issues with your Wi-Fi on the Ring doorbell, you can check your Wi-Fi network’s speed. 

If the speed is not what it is supposed to be, you can contact your internet service provider and get a new router. 

3) Check the Channel

If your Wi-Fi is operating at 2.4 GHz speed, then another thing that you must check is your Wi-Fi channel. 

The ring doorbell does not work correctly on 11 to 12 channels, ensuring that your network is set from channels 1 to 11.

Set-Up Mode on Ring Doorbell

To change the Wi-Fi network on your ring doorbell requires going into the set-up mode, which cannot be done automatically. 

You can only go to the set-up mode manually. You can put your Wi-Fi in the set-up mode before starting with the changing process. 

To enter into the set-up mode, there are different ways,  depending on the ring doorbell model. Let’s take a look.

1) Ring Video Doorbell

If you have a ring video doorbell, then to enter the set-up mode first, you will have to remove the doorbell from where it is placed and long press the orange button provided on the back of the doorbell.

2) Ring Doorbell Pro

If you have a ring doorbell pro model, then your work is easy. To put your doorbell in the set-up mode, all you have to do is press the button on the right side of the device.

3) Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3 plus, and Elite

If your model is 2, 3, 3 Plus, or Elite; then take out the faceplate from the doorbell for the set-up mode. You will see a black button on the front of a doorbell. Press that button to enter into the set-up mode.

If due to specific reasons, you cannot connect your Wi-Fi with your ring doorbell, then you have an option to connect with your phone’s hotspot so that you can keep the ring doorbell functioning. 

To connect your phone’s hotspot with the Ring doorbell, you have to turn on your hotspot and select the ring app just how you would do for the Wi-Fi network. 

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Final Words

Having a ring doorbell has become a necessary device nowadays to keep your house and family members safe 24/7. 

Users will have to reconnect their Wi-Fi with their ring doorbell every time they change their internet service provider. 

Connecting a Wi-Fi network to your Ring doorbell is not very difficult, and with the ring app, it has become much more convenient. 

Just remember that before starting with the changing process, you will have to put your ring doorbell in the setup mode, which you can do in the ways that we have stated above as per the different ring models.

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