3 Ways to Connect DVD Player to LG Smart TV

There are many ways to connect DVD players with LG smart TVs like you can either use the HDMI cables, component cables, or A / V cables as all three ports are present on LG smart TV. But since the DVD player is not specified so, let us describe all three connections so that if your DVD player lacks any of the connections, you can use the other one.

HDMI cables are the preferred ones because of the sound and video quality they provide, but they are present only in modern DVD players, so if you do not have HDMI ports present on your DVD players, you can use any other connection. So, let us explore the types of connections for connecting DVD players with LG smart TV:

How to Connect DVD Player to LG Smart TV – Methods

We can easily Connect DVD Player to LG Smart TV with several methods, here explain all of them with the help of some easy and detailed steps.

Connecting a DVD player with LG TV by using HDMI cables:

If the HDMI ports are present both on your DVD player and LG smart TV, then follow the steps below to connect them

  1. You will need just a single HDMI cable to ensure this connection
  2. Search for the HDMI port on your LG smart TV
  3. It can be usually found at the backside and is in a trapezoid shape
  4.  After plugging an HDMI cable into the port of your LG smart TV, search for the HDMI port on your DVD player
  5. Modern DVD players have a number of HDMI ports available
  6. Insert HDMI cable in any of the port
  7. Remember the port that you are using for this connection
  8. The cable should neither be too tight nor too loose because this could distort the quality of audio or video
  9. Lastly, turn both devices on
  10. You can select the HDMI channel by using the input from your remote of the LG smart TV

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Connecting a DVD player with LG smart TV by using AV cables

If your DVD player is a bit old and it does not have an HDMI port, then there is no need to worry because it must have A / V cables. So let us see how can we connect a DVD player with LG smart TV by using AV cables:

  1. Take an AV cable
  2. A V cables are color – coded, and you will get 3 of them joined together
  3. Firstly connect these cables to the DVD player by using the output sockets
  4. You need to make sure to add a red AV cable in the red port, a white AV cable in the white port, and a yellow AV cable in the yellow port
  5. Insert the other end of these AV cables into the TV on its input sockets while following the same color – coded technique
  6. Switch your DVD player and LG smart TV on
  7. You can do so by using the input from the remote of the LG smart TV

Connecting a DVD player with LG smart TV by using component cables

If you prefer connecting your TV with your DVD by using component cables, then here is the guide for you:

  1. Take a component cable that would have five components, and all of them would be color – coded
  2. Insert them in the component ports present on the DVD player
  3. Make sure to connect them with the relevant colors
  4. There are two red component cables that make it difficult to ensure the right connection, but you can follow the order that is green, blue, red, white, and red
  5. Take the other end of the component cables and insert them into the ports of IN port of LG smart TV
  6. Here also you will need to maintain the order of the cables
  7. Switch both devices on
  8. With the help of your remote, you can check if the DVD is connected rightly to your LG smart TV or not as the input will present the DVD on the screen of the TV if the connection turned out to be successful

Issues with the connection

If there are any issues with the connection and the DVD does not show on your LG smart TV, then it means that your connection is not secure, meaning that your cable would have been either tightened or loosened from one end. This also reflects that you have connected the cables to the wrong ports. Look for these issues again and recheck for the connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have bought a colored DVD, but after connecting it with LG smart TV, it is not showing the colors and is appearing black and white. What should I do?

If the colors of your DVD do not appear on your LG smart TV, it is probably because of the type of connection that you have used. Composite A / V cables usually have this issue because of being old. You can shift your connection to either HDMI cables or Component Cables. Consider buying an updated DVD player.

Why are the pictures of my DVD not appearing on LG Smart Tv?

If the pictures are not appearing, then the DVD player might be connected to a VCR. If not, then there would be some issues with the connection; either you would not have connected the video cable, or the cables would be too loose or tight from the ends.

Final Words

If you want to connect your DVD player with your LG smart TV, you can use various methods as you can either go for HDMI cables, A / V cables, or component cables, but it all depends on the DVD player you have. You can do so by simply inserting one end of the cable into the ports of the DVD player and the other end of the cable into the ports on the LG smart TV.The most appropriate connection is with the HDMI cables, but the issue is that the older DVD players might not have HDMI ports.

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