People who buy New Philips smart TV are conscious of their connection with the older DVD players present in their homes. Although you can run DVD’s on Philips smart TV by using multiple methods of which one is DVD player. This is the preferred method because people already have DVD players in their homes for years.

We have experimented with the connection between an old DVD player and the latest Phillips smart TV that worked.But make sure that the DVD player should not be too old – fashioned that it will not be able to read DVD discs.The method can also work for new DVD players.

So, let us share the steps with you:

Connecting a DVD player with Philips smart TV by using composite A/V cables

  1. Plug in the DVD player with its power cable
  2. Make sure to keep the distance between Phillips smart TV and the DVD player less as the cables are not long enough to bear the distance bought from the power cord and the Philips smart TV
  3. Try to turn on the DVD by clicking on its power button
  4. The lights on the front of the DVD player shows that it has got some power to start
  5. Then turn off your DVD player and Phillips smart TV to start with the connection
  6. Locate the connection ports on the DVD player and Phillips smart TV
  7. These ports are usually present at the back of both devices
  8. The connection that we are making between the DVD player and Phillips smart TV is with the help of composite A / V cables, so look for the color – coded ports
  9. Audio / Visual cables are color – coded cables that consist of three components in one lead
  10. Red, white, and yellow are the colors of these composite A / V cables
  11. Insert one end of the composite A / V cables in the connecting parts of the DVD player while the other ends go straight to Philips Smart TV
  12. Make sure to connect the red composite A / V cable with the red component on the other end
  13.  Usually, in the case of Philips smart TV, the video composite cables are separated from the audio composite cables, and they are usually color – coded as red and yellow

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Connecting a DVD player with Philips smart TV by using HDMI cables

After successfully experimenting with the composite A / V cables, we tried another method for connecting the DVD player with Phillips smart TV.This connection works best for the new DVD players because the HDMI port is missing from the old DVD players. But this is the preferred method because of the audio and video quality provided by it. Let us see the steps through which you can take assistance from the HDMI cables:

  1. Plug in the DVD player to the power cord
  2.  Keep both devices turn off while making the connection
  3. Take an HDMI cable
  4. Locate the HDMI ports on both devices that are usually present by the side of composite A / V ports
  5. Connect its one end to the HDMI out of the DVD player while the other end to the HDMI IN of the Philips Smart TV

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Whichever connection you are using, when it is done, you will need to put the DVD in the DVD player while it is connected to the Philips smart TV. Then turn both devices on and see if your DVD is appearing on your Phillips smart TV. If you can see the DVD, it means the connection was successful. If not, you can secure the connection first by checking for the ports and see whether the cables are connected too tight or too loose.

Final Words

In this article, we have seen two ways that can be used for connecting old and new DVD players with Phillips smart TV. You can either use the composite A / V cables or the HDMI cables for making a connection. The type of connection will depend on the DVD player. We hope the article was helpful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I connect an old DVD player with only three color – coded composite A / V cables with the Philips Smart TV that has around nine Composite A / V ports?

Yes, it is possible to make a connection between them, but you might need an adapter to ensure it. But it is suggested that you should go for a new DVD player because buying cables would be more costly than a new DVD player.

Which is the best connection for a Philips DVD player and a Philips Smart TV?

If both of your devices are from Philips, then you should go for an HDMI connection to get the best audio and video quality.

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