Sony smart TVs are made with high – end technologies that make them unique from all other smart TVs in the market. Sony smart TVs give the best video and audio quality, and you can stream thousands of your favorite shows on it, but if you want to connect a DVD player, there are options to do so as well.

From a couple of ways through which this connection can be succeeded, let us discuss the four most important ones.

The type of connection that you will choose will determine the quality of audio and video on your Sony smart TV because of the difference in cables. So let us explore all these connections one by one.

Connecting a DVD player with Sony smart TV by using HDMI cable

Modern DVD players have an HDMI port on them so, if you are trying to connect a modern DVD player with Sony smart TV, then you must go for the HDMI connection because it gives the best audio and video quality. Let us see how you can make the connection:

  1. Take an HDMI cable that will be having two ends for the connection
  2. Locate the HDMI port on the DVD player and connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DVD player
  3. Locate the HDMI IN porton Sony smart TV and connect the other end to it
  4. Switch both your devices on
  5. You will need remote of Sony smart TV to access the input on your TV
  6. Go for the HDMI option on it and enjoy your DVD

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Connecting a DVD player with Sony smart TV by using component cables

This is a bit tricky connection because of the color – coded cables but let us make it easy for you.

  1. You will need two component cables for this connection that would have two ends each
  2. One of the component cables has two components, and it is used for audio, while the other one has three components and it is used for video
  3. First of all, you will need to locate the component cable ports on your DVD player and on your Sony smart TV
  4. Then insert one end of the component cable in the DVD player and the other end in Sony smart TV
  5. There might be confusion because there are two red components, but make sure to follow the order starting from red then, white then, the other red then blue, and lastly, green
  6. The entire connection depends on these color codes
  7. Turn your DVD player and Sony smart TV on
  8. Take the remote and go to the input
  9. Find the DVD player and select the component option from there
  10. You will see the DVD that you have connected

Connecting a DVD player with Sony smart TV by using composite A/V cables

If your DVD lacks an HDMI port as well as component port, then you will need to take assistance from composite cables that are also known as A / V cables. Let us see howyou can makethis connection:

  1. An A / V cable has three components, usually colored as red, yellow, and white
  2. You will need to locate the composite A / V ports in your DVD player as well as your Sony smart TV
  3. Then insert one end of the composite A / V cable in DVD player while the other end in Sony smart TV
  4. Turn on both of your devices
  5. Go to input with the help of the remote of your Sony smart TV and find out the DVD option
  6. Locate the option of composite A / V cables and watch your DVD on a bigger screen

Connecting a DVD player with Sony smart TV by using RCA conversion cable

The last way to connect your DVD player with Sony smart TV is by using the RCA conversion cable that has four pole mini plug. This connection makes a little mess, but you can keep it as an option if other connections are not working with your DVD player. Let us explore this connection:

  1. You will need a composite cable for audio and video
  2. The composite A / V cable has three components color – coded as red, yellow, and white
  3. On the other hand, you will need an RCA conversion cable that would be having for pole mini plug
  4. Locate the video out ports of your DVD player and insert the composite A / V cables in them according to their colors
  5. The other end of the composite AV cable will be connected to the RCA conversion cable
  6. On one end of the RCA conversion cable are three color – coded components that matches exactly with the color – coded components of conversion A / V cables, while the other end of the RCA conversion cable contains a single plugin
  7. You will need to connect the three components of the RCA conversion cable with the components of composite A / V cables
  8. The other end of the RCA version cable will be plugged into Sony smart TV
  9. Switch on both devices
  10. Use the remote of Sony smart TV and go to input
  11. Your DVD will appear on the screen
  12. Select it and watch it

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Final Words

If you want to connect your DVD with your Sony smart TV, you can use four types of connections that are provided by a Sony smart TV depending on the quality of your DVD player. You can either connect your Sony smart TV with your DVD player by using the HDMI cables.

This is the preferred method because of the audio and video quality that it provides. You can also make the connection by using composite A / V cables, component cables, or RCA conversion cable, depending on the ports that are available on your DVD player. Have fun watching your favorite movies on a bigger screen!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to keep the TV on a single channel while watching through a DVD player?

Yes, if you are watching a particular DVD, then it is necessary that you should keep one channel on the TV. Otherwise, the DVD will not appear. But if you are watching multiple channels by the connection, then you can switch the channels of Sony smart TV.

Will I need separate HDMI cables for audio and video as the sound is not audible but video is on Sony smart TV?

No, only one HDMI cable works for both audio and video, and Sony smart TV provides a single port for making this connection. If it is not working for audio, then there might be some fault in the cable, DVD, DVD player of Sony Smart TV.

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