3 Ways to Connect DVD Player to VIZIO Smart TV

DVDs are as entertaining today as they were always. The DVD player works as a bridge to adjust the DVD in the Vizio smart TV and makes the overall setup process easier. But how exactly do we connect the DVD player with Vizio smart TV? There are many ways to do so. Let us discuss some of the useful ways below.

How to Connect DVD Player to VIZIO Smart TV – Methods

We can easily connect DVD Player to VIZIO Smart TV with several methods. Lets explain them with the help of some easy and detailed steps.

Connect DVD player with VIZIO Smart TV via HDMI

This method is feasible for the latest DVD players as well as modern TVs. Follow the guide step by step to connect DVD player with Vizio smart TV:

  1. Find the HDMI port on your Vizio smart TV
  2. Insert one end of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the TV and the other one into the DVD player
  3. Vizio smart TV’s usually have a port at the back of them however there are many other ports as well so you will need to remember in which port you have connected your DVD player
  4. The length of the HDMI cable does not matter but you should maintain a secure connection that is possible if you neither pull the cable between the two devices extra tightly nor leave it too loose from the end of anyone device. If this happens then the signal quality will drop because this singlecable carries both audio and video signals
  5. Turn your DVD player and Vizio smart TV on and add a DVD tothe DVD player
  6. As informed before you should choose the input in which you inserted the HDMI cable only then it would be possible to get the best video and sound information
  7. If the  HDMI port was not labeled then you can try all the options 1 by 1 and see where your required video is appearing.

Connecting Vizio Smart TV with DVD Player Via AV Cables

You can also connect your DVD player with Vizio smart TV by using AV cables. If you want to follow this method you can take the guide below:

  1. Firstly, you will need to find out the right output sockets as there are three present on the DVD player and there are three A / V cables that you will connect with it
  2. Usually red and white output sockets are for audio and the yellow one is for video
  3. Connect these sockets with the cables according to their colors
  4. Then, locate the input sockets on Vizio smart TV
  5. Insert the other end of A / V cables into the TV inputs
  6. Red and white are usually grouped together while yellow is grouped separately so, make sure to connect the cables in the right colors on the sockets
  7. Turn the DVD player and TV on to check the audio and video quality
  8. Choose Input from your remote but make sure to choose the same input that you used for the cables
  9. If there is any issue with the audio or video then you need to recheck the colors of cables and sockets and if any of the colors is plugged into the wrong socket you need to replace it

Connecting DVD player with Vizio Smart TV via component cables

You can also use the component cables for connecting your DVD player with your Vizio smart TV. Follow the steps below to make this connection workable.

  1. Here again, you will need to keep the color of the sockets and component cables in mind as they are color coded
  2. Firstly, you will need to insert the cables on the DVD player according to their colors in the output socket
  3. Here red and white are for audio while other red, blue, and green cables are for video
  4. Insert the other end of these component cables into the input sockets of the Viziosmart TV by keeping in mind the color coding
  5. Turn your smart TV and the DVD player on to check if you have connected the cable rightly
  6. The TV can be switched off by using the source button that is present on the remote usually
  7. If there are any issues with the audio or video check the cable connectivity again on both ends and correct the sequence
  8. Since there are two Reds in this case so the usual sequence is green, blue, red, white, and red in which you have to insert the cables in the sockets of both input and output

The final words

There are many ways to connect your DVD player with your Vizio smart TV. You can use A / V cables, HDMI cables, or component cables for connecting these two devices. All you will need to do is search for the right sockets on both of the devices and plug in the cables according to their color.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to connect a new smart TV with an old DVD player?

Yes, an old DVD player can be connected to a smart TV if it has R-G-B components or HDMI ports otherwise you will need to take help from an adapter.

Is it possible to make a connection between the DVD player and Smart TV without the use of HDMI? And what would be the drawbacks?

Yes, you can still make a connection between your DVD player and Smart TV if HDMI ports are missing. You can either use a conversion cable or can go for other connections as explained above in methods 2 and 3. The video and audio quality will be a bit inferior in the case of the conversion cables.

Is it possible to watch a DVD on Smart TV without using a DVD player?

Yes, you can do so by playing the DVD in your laptop or computer. You will need an HDMI cable to connect your Smart TV with the computer.

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