Smart TVs have become more common now than they were in the past so, there might be some reasons that this device is becoming more and more popular with every passing day.

The reason is that smart TVs are able to connect with the Internet that opens the door for many other opportunities that make it much more easier for the customers to enjoy their favorite content at the maximum level on a bigger screen.

How to Connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV – Steps

In that case, you will need to have enough mobile data because smart TV might use more data than a smartphone. You can simply connect your mobile hotspot with your TV by following the guidance provided below step-by-step:

  1. Go to the settings of your phone
  2. Search for the Wi-Fi options
  3. Turn your mobile data on and consequently turn the hotspot on
  4. Go to the home screen of your TV with the help of your remote
  5. Locate the settings there
  6. After going into the settings click on the Wi-Fi options
  7. Turn on your Wi-Fi
  8. The nearby Wi-Fi connections will be visible on your TV screen
  9.  Your mobile hotspot will appear automatically too
  10. Click on your mobile hotspot it will ask for the password so, enter the password
  11. Click on connect and this is how easily your mobile hotspot will be connected to your smart TV
  12. Enjoy video streaming on a bigger screen

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Addressing the issues in the connection between mobile hotspot and smart TV

At times it also happens that your mobile hotspot does not work on your smart TV. The reason behind this is that your mobile hotspot is already working at its maximum capacity that is often lower than the Wi-Fi routers. The capacity of the usual mobile phones is to connect with 5 devices by hotspot however, some of them also connect up to 10 devices at once.

To solve this issue you can use the following ways:

  1. Try turning off both the devices
  2. Give them a break for two or three minutes
  3. Then, restart your mobile and TV and follow the same procedure to turn on your mobile hotspot
  4. In this way, both of your devices and mobile hotspot will refresh and reboot and hopefully, the issue will be resolved

Bandwidth and data usage

This connection is almost smooth but sometimes the bandwidth and size of the smart TV become problematic because of the high resolution and low speed of your mobile hotspot.

This causes a low video quality. So, you need to keep a check on the data usage and bandwidth consumption from your settings of mobile.

Benefits of using the mobile hotspot on smart TV

One such opportunity provided by smart TVs is the installation of apps like Netflix or YouTube. But installing things on TV is not that easy because there are certain security measures that are there for ensuring the protection of the smart TV as it blocks the unlicensed sources that you try to down-load.

But all these opportunities will come once your smart TV is connected to a secure Internet connection either to your Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. Connecting your TV with your house Wi-Fi is quite easy as you will just have to go to the settings and look for the Wi-Fi option period from there you can turn it on and it will easily appear on your TV screen from where you can insert the password and connect it.

But many households do not have Wi-Fi so there is no problem because smart TVs are also able to connect with the mobile hotspot. You will not have to watch your favorite seasons and movies on your small screen but can easily watch them on the bigger screen and can share it with your family as well.

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Final Words

Smart TVs have become a necessity now because they can connect to the Internet easily but if you do not have house Wi-Fi even then you can enjoy the Internet on your smart TVs by connecting it with your mobile hotspot.

You will just need to go to the settings and select the Wi-Fi option and search for your mobile hotspot then enter the password. This way you will be able to connect your mobile hotspot with your smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Samsung Smart TV be connected to the hotspot of the iPhone?

Yes, the hotspot of the iPhone can be connected to Samsung Smart TV just the way an android mobile connects. You will just need to go to the settings and connect it from there by inserting the password.

Is it possible to control Samsung Smart TV using Mobile Hotspot?

Yes, it is possible by installing any remote app as technology has advanced. Droidmote, LANMote, Peel Smart Remote App are some of the apps that you could install for ensuring this control.

Can mobile internet appear on Smart TV without the use of Hotspot?

Yes, at times it is possible to do so but you will need to install an app. There are various apps for this but some might be installed in rooted devices and others will need payment.

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