A receiver is generally a device that we use for controlling the sound system of your home by providing an interface to the drive. So, their basic purpose is to connect your Samsung Smart TV or other systems with the audio devices. Everybody knows the popularity and demand of Samsung Smart TVs as well as Yamaha Receivers so let us connect both of them together and see what result it brings. Connect it rightly by following all the steps given below to avoid problems in the aftermath.

Firstly, we will discuss the procedure of activating Anynet + for HDMI – ARC. Then, we will see how can we take assistance from HDMI-ARC for connecting the Yamaha receiver with your Samsung Smart TV.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver

Samsung Smart TV provides features that are not matchable with any other smart TV in the market as you can enjoy 8 K resolution along with unlimited streaming. Samsung Smart TV has many advanced inputs for HDMI.

On the other hand, Yamaha Receiver has the loudest sound that can convert your house into a cinema so you could have more fun while sitting on your couch.So, you have bought the two devices by getting impressed with their quality let us tell you that it is very easy to link the two devices, and even if you are not a technical person you can still connect them together by following the simple steps that we are going to tell you below.

Before we begin to discuss how we can connect them together, let us discuss some steps that you need to do before connecting them.

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Things to Check Prior to Connecting Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver

Things to Check Prior to Connecting Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver
  1. Check if your Samsung Smart TV has an HDMI port written as MDMI – ARC
  2. The HDMI cable needs to be of a higher version that can be either 1.4 version or even higher
  3. Activate Anynet + on your Samsung Smart TV that is also referred to as HDMI – CEC
  4. You must activate the HDMI – ARC controls of the Yamaha receiver. To do so go to the settings and turn HDMI – CEC options on

Steps for Activating Anynet +

Steps for Activating Anynet +

If you are done with the pre-requirements then follow the steps below for activating Anynet +:

  1. Go to the settings of smart TV by clicking the icon from the home screen
  2. Search General Menu from settings and go to it
  3. From General Menu click on External Device Manager
  4. This will lead to a Menu Display and eventually the appearance of Anynet + pop up on the screen
  5. Use remote to enter it that will turn it on
  6. You are good to go

Steps for Connecting HDMI – ARC with Samsung Smart TV

Steps for Connecting HDMI – ARC with Samsung Smart TV
  1. Firstly, locate the HDMI – ARC port on your Samsung Smart TV. Most of them have it at the back as ARC
  2. Turn both devices off
  3. Use HDMI cable as a connector between TV port and receiver output
  4. Turn the devices on and you will find them connected


Is there a way to cut off the sound of my Samsung Smart TV directly when it is connected to external audio devices like Yamaha Receiver?

Yes, you can do so by using many ways. The most recent and effective one is through the use of an HDMI port that works in two directions. You will need a single cable to connect your smart TV with an audio receiver. You can also take assistance from digital optical or coaxial audio but this will be just one-directional.

Is there a way to connect the external audio devices with Samsung Smart TV without the use of any audio device?

Samsung Smart TVs do not need any extra audio device as the updated versions already have an inbuilt HDMI – ARC port, headphone port as well as optical port. You can read the article to see how to use HDMI – ARC port for connecting the speakers with Samsung Smart TV.

Can I connect the inert RCA slot of the amplifier with my Samsung Smart TV?

If the Smart TV at your place does not support fiber optic then you can use the RCA to RCA connection between the audio device and smart TV. But be careful to connect the red RCA slot with the red one and the white with the white RCA slot otherwise the stereo images will be disrupted.

The Final Words

For connecting Samsung Smart TV with Yamaha receiver check your TV for HDMI – ARC port and activate Anynet +. You can use HDMI – ARC cable to connect both devices. Enjoy home theatre with louder sound by connecting Samsung Smart TV to Yamaha Receiver!

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