Are you having trouble connecting your laptop to your PS4? Well, not everyone chooses to use the laptop as a monitor since going for a larger screen is always the preference. But with a massive screen size and eleven better picture quality, it is a great option to simply connect your laptop with a few simple connections.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4?

Here in this article, you will get steps to connect the PS4 system to your laptop and then use it as a monitor screen.

  1. You just can’t connect your PS4 system to your monitor by inserting the cord into the HDMI port. This is because the HDMI is only meant for output and not input. So, you need to have a capture card or a Remote Play service for the connection to be established.
  2. Capture card is used for video transmission. Capture cards are used for recording video games by gaming enthusiasts while they play them. A screen recording option may also help there.
  3. Hold on to the video capture card and plug it into the laptop system using the USB port.
  4. Then you need to install the program to run the capture card through the installation suite available.
  5. Now hold on to the PS4 console of the PS4 system. Then connect the capture card to the console of the PS4 system. Then you need to connect the capture card to the HDMI IN slot of the laptop system and the HDMI OUT slot of the PS4 system.
  6. Then you need to install the capture card onto your laptop and then check for the video play once the installation is done. The video play may further need some brightness or some contrast settings to be done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to play video games on the laptop using a remote?

No, it’s not at all mandatory to use the Remote play option for the purpose of playing video games on the laptop. Just use the arrow keys of the laptop for the same purpose.

How to know whether the laptop has an HDMI input or output service?

Most of the laptops available have the HDMI output service in them because they are being used for the output service like connections to external monitors etc.


So the steps to make the connection are very simple. The only thing to keep in mind is to use a capture card and not the simple HDMI cable connection setup. Another point to keep in mind is that installation needs a good power supply for the system.

So you need to have a charger of the same type as that of the laptop. If the power in the system is less than 30% then there might be a possibility of a power break in between the installation.

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