There might be some disruption in the signal service of the HP monitor as the monitor might take the signal input given to it by the processor. The processor might not be able to send the signals as there might be some technical issues or issues with the display card. The display card may be mechanically ill or might have some dust on it.

This issue can be resolved by understanding the reasons for the input signal lag. Then proper resolution of the issues can be made, and then the issue can be properly resolved-

Input Signal Not Found on hp Monitor: Why?

Lets discuss the main reasons and fixes in detail.

1. Check Resolution

Move to the screen’s desktop and check out the option of “Screen Resolution”. To move on to this setting.

You need to follow up on the steps given below:

  • Move to Appearance and Personalization in the ‘Display settings’ option.
  • Select the option of ‘Screen Resolution.’
  • Go on to the resolution slider and adjust it as per the best resolution setting prescribed in the screen resolution level of the display.
  • Then, if the problem persists further, you need to check on the video card, and if that is disrupted or not inserted properly, you need to re-insert it or clean away the dust from it.

2. Match Screen Resolution

This out-of-range issue erupts when the resolution setup does not match the screen’s preferred screen resolution. The screen’s resolution might be set at a higher or lower level for display purposes. So, be very optimized while setting the resolution of the screen. A higher than the preferred mark or even a lower than the preferred mark can disrupt the display settings.

3. Factory Reset

You also need to go on for the factory reset option or the system restart option to optimize the settings you have done. This is essential to make the computer standardized as per your settings. After switching off the system, you need to wait for 5-10 minutes and then restart the system. This makes the settings get inbuilt into the system’s memory only when booting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my HP monitor turn on?

There may be some problems with the battery storage of the system. This means that the system does not has full electrical potential. The power cord of the system might not be properly connected to the system.

What does Windows Ctrl+Shift+B do?

This shortcut combination is used to reset the video driver of the system. This setting optimizes the computer system’s graphics to have a fully clear and optimized display.


The input signal problem is not a major issue with the system. It is caused due to some minor technical glitches or mechanical problems in the display card. The essential knowledge should be that you should know the reasons behind these eruptive problems and then reach a conclusion.

The problems may range from a low battery percentage, a loosened display card, or a wrong device driver being put inside the system.

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