For gaming, the monitor screen size is very much essential. The whole working of the gaming is based on the essence of display and the display is indeed based on the screen’s characteristics. Among these characteristics, the screen size is the most important one.

Screen size resembles the screen’s dimensions and at the same time is an indirect measure of the screen’s various other characteristics.

This article talks about the utility of a 21-inch monitor for gaming.

Is 21 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

On 21-inch monitor the images are comparatively larger. It is an ideal choice when it comes to displaying in gaming. The other reason is that it is a portable and small sized monitor that can fit well in your room or your working table.

Thus a 21-inch monitor is compatible with the space that you have in your room. Bulky monitors often end up taking up an entire corner of your room, if you have some space issues then you might go on with the small sized monitors.

Also 21-inch monitor is very good at accuracy and resolution power. This is a very important quality that is foreseen in monitors before selecting them as that one which will be used up in gaming. Accuracy is very important and also an essential part of gameplay especially competitive game playing.

A 21-inch monitor is also very much exact in terms of saturation control. This is because the saturation factor is maintained at a very good level in this monitor size. The best thing about a 21-inch monitor is its battery life.

You know that high end games need a good battery supply for their smooth functioning so this quality is fulfilled by the 21-inch sized monitors. The charger should be the same as that of the system for a better power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it better to game on a smaller screen?

A smaller size is not so good for gaming. If the small sized monitor is bestowed upon with a low resolution, then that might be a good option to go on with. A low resolution ensures a good display which is very much important from a gaming point of view.

Does screen size affect the aim?

Yes, screen size is very much important when it comes to gaming. This is because screen size determines the refresh rate, FPS rate, and frame rate of your monitor. Thus, indirectly all properties of the display depend upon the screen size of your monitor. 


The most important thing that a gamer considers before buying any size of the monitor for his or her gaming purpose is the resolution. Other factors like the refresh rate, frame rate, and saturation points are also very important.

But the screen size is the one that outshines all other qualities of a monitor when it comes to gaming. So be very cautious in deciding your screen size when you buy a monitor. A 21-inch monitor has all the required features that any gamer wants in his or her laptop. 

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