Selecting the right size of a monitor depends largely on your preference and purpose. Even when we talk about gaming, you can choose to go with larger screens or anything that suits your budget.

Speaking of 22-inch monitors, this is not a very common choice for gamers since they always look for bigger and better ones. However, such monitor sizes are affordable and will fit in your budget perfectly.

This article talks about the utility of a 22-inch monitor for gaming.

Is 22 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

A 22-inch monitor is the most desirable one for its eye-relaxing power. Yes, a 22-inch monitor is very soothing from the sight point of view and also it gives a good visual experience to the user.

A 22-inch monitor has a high potential for accuracy and resolution. It is quite good at competitive gaming because these game types require a very high system speed and at the same time a very good visual display.

Although a 22-inch monitor is not so big in size then also it is a good option to rely upon when it comes to budgetary things and space. A 22-inch monitor is very good for space related issues. If you have a small room then a 22-inch monitor is the best to rely upon for gaming purposes.

It has a high saturation level. A 22-inch monitor has a very high saturation ratio and this makes it a good choice for a good display-loving person. Gamers are obviously interested in a clear and stable display utility thus a 22-inch monitor is one that has this quality in itself. Thus, its saturation point and brightness level are well in proportion.

Also, remember that to have a good saturation ratio you need to have a good supply of power. The power supply should not be below the 35% level. Also, have a DC supply rather than an AC one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 21.5 inches enough for gaming?

Precisely it is not the best screen size for gaming purposes. However, it is good enough to be used for media entertainment. The watching of a movie and a video is well fitted on a 21-inch monitor.

Does monitor size affect FPS?

No monitor screen size does not affect the FPS rate of the screen. It all depends upon the resolution of the screen and thus if you increase the resolution then the FPS rate will increase and then it will increase the rate of the number of pixels on the screen.


The most important thing that a gamer considers before buying any size of the monitor for his or her gaming purpose is the resolution. Other factors like the refresh rate, frame rate, and saturation points are also very important.

But the screen size is the one that outshines all other qualities of a monitor when it comes to gaming. So be very cautious in deciding your screen size when you buy a monitor. A 22-inch monitor has all the required features that any gamer wants in his or her laptop. 

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