When it comes to gaming the most important aspect is the monitor. It is obvious that for a better gaming experience you need to have a good monitor or else the gaming experience becomes a little boring. The monitor size is another aspect that matters a lot when it comes to gaming.

In fact, the monitor screen’s size is an important quality of the monitor. It decides the whole view of the ongoing game on the monitor and thus helps in having an enjoyable gaming experience. 

This article talks about the 24-inch monitor size when it comes to gaming:

Is 24 Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

A 24-inch monitor has a refreshing ratio of 60Hz and that makes it a fit option for game playing. The refresh rate determines the number of times your display has a new picture on its screen. It is clear that for the best gaming purpose you need an optimal range of refresh rate and a 24-inch monitor fulfills that demand of yours. 

The most important criterion that should enable you to choose between a good gaming monitor is the resolution. The gaming monitors should have a resolution of 1080 pixels or a minimum of 1440 pixels. Also, remember not to invest in monitors that have a screen size less than that of 24-inch. 

Also remember to buy a monitor such a monitor that has a size that fits well with your desire of performing other tasks such as making a doc file or working on a PowerPoint presentation. A 24-inch size monitor is very good in this aspect. In a nutshell, this is to state that the monitor should be such that it supports other tasks also and does not just have the gaming attribute.

This is important because monitors with large screen sizes somehow lag in performing normal computer functions as their resolution does not match the somewhat low requirements of these applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 8000 DPI good for gaming?

An 8000 DPI mouse is good for gaming. But it is too fast for normal gaming thus for competitive gaming only one should use this high DPI rating mouse.

Do you really need a gaming mouse?

Yes, a gaming mouse becomes somewhat better when you are playing high-end games. A target pointer gun, which is special for shooting games and target-based gaming, is also a good tool to use while playing games like shooting and target catching, etc. A gaming mouse is very well used for high end gamers and players who are having a high-resolution screen.


Thus, a 24-27inch monitor is the best compatible monitor when it comes to gaming. The 24-inch monitor is considered to be the best size monitor although it is smaller in monitor screen ratio as compared to that of the 27inch monitor.

But the other parameters like screen resolution, screen sharpness, and screen brightness all are important as well for the gaming experience. All these parameters are very well optimized in a 24inch monitor. 

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