For a good gaming experience, you need to have the best characteristics in your monitor. The screen size, screen resolution, refresh rate, etc., should be well matched with the requirements of the game being played on the system. The refresh rate is important because it makes the picture quality the best and has a good transition pace with screen change.

The display is what determines the quality of the gaming you witness on your screen. There are various ranges of refresh rates available nowadays-144Hz is the lowest recommended refresh rate in monitors meant for gaming purposes, while a higher value than 144Hz is considered the best among the ranges of refresh rates available for gaming.

Is 240Hz Good for Gaming?

This article talks about whether the 240Hz of refresh rate is good for gaming or not:

  • 240Hz refresh rate is good for gaming purposes. It makes the whole gaming flow much smoother and more exciting. It easily supports the large resolution, and often it supports a high FPS (Frames per second).
  • A monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hz has more responsiveness and a slow-motion blur. This enables us to look at the monitor with clear sight, and it is also the best to play competitive gaming and warzone on your system.
  • Monitors with a 240Hz refresh rate have a good color description and a better viewing angle. This high refresh rate is generally supported on monitors with larger screen sizes. Nowadays, pro gamers usually prefer curved monitors instead of flat monitors. Thus, a 240Hz refresh rate provides a good visual experience and also relaxed and decreased head movements for a good physical posture while game playing.
  • A 240Hz monitor has a good screen brightness and contrast ratio too. The ratio is maintained with respect to the parameters compatible with the screen’s dimensions. The screen’s resolution should match the display screen’s brightness, contrast, and sharpness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a good FPS for a warzone?

A 144 scale FPS is ideal for warzone gaming. This FPS rate not only provides a good screen display, but also has better time management for displaying the next scenes on the screen without any broken or blurred picture quality.

Does high FPS cause lag?

No, a higher FPS value does not cause a system lag. It provides us with the moves of the next player on a good time basis and, thus, helps us in deciding our next move quickly and accurately.


Thus. If you wish to be low on your budget to buy a monitor for gaming purposes, then going with a 240Hz refresh rate is worth your wish. The display quality of the monitor is well with the resolution of the screen provided by a 240Hz refresh rate.

So, it is ideal for a gaming novice to enjoy his or her first gaming experience with clear picture quality.

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