For an amazing gaming experience, the refresh rate of a monitor should be compatible with all other parameters of the computer system. Refresh rate determines the rate at which the display scenes change on your screen or the frequency at which your monitor refreshes its screen. 

Resolution is also somewhat decided by the refresh rate of the screen. For a better visual display, you need to have an ideal screen resolution that is provided by a higher refresh rate more easily than a lower refresh rate.

This article gives you a glimpse of whether a 240Hz of refresh rate is better than a 144Hz of refresh rate for gaming?

Is 240Hz Worth it Over 144Hz?

Below are some pointers that need to be considered before making any judgment on the type of refresh rate that a monitor should support:

  • A 240Hz of refresh rate is best when it comes to picture clarity and smoothness of display. While on the other hand, a 144Hz refresh rate is not so good compared to a 240Hz refresh rate when it comes to picture display. The 144Hz of refresh rate does not provide picture clarity to that extent as a 240Hz of the monitor provides to us.
  • It is observed that a lower refresh rate means a higher frame per second. Thus, in the case of FPS, the 144Hz is better because it will provide a higher FPS value, and the 240Hz of refresh rate will provide a lower FPS value.
  • Nowadays, 144Hz monitors come up with resolutions of more than 4000 pixels, and 240hz monitors come with a maximum of 1080 pixels of resolution. Thus, it is better to see the right fit for your screen when it comes to the resolution of the screen.
  • Remember that a 240Hz of the monitor is worth around $300 while a 144Hz monitor starts from $200. To see the economic side of the monitors having the two different refresh rates, it is better to choose the 144Hz monitor as it is cheaper and more affordable for those cutting the cost of buying an expensive monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What graphics card can run 240 FPS?

For the rate of 240 frames per second, a GeForce RTX 2080 or the GeForce RTX 2020Ti is the best fit for high-end quality gaming.

What FPS do pros use?

Pro gamers usually dwell upon high-speed gaming and thus have to take an edge over others while making a choice for their monitors’ FPS rate. They should prefer a 240 FPS rating or above 240 FPS, always for the best gaming experience that they want.


To conclude the points mentioned above, we may say that a 144Hz refresh rate is a better one for economic reasons and a 240Hz is somewhat less affordable because of its high price.

If we compare the picture quality of both the refresh rates, then 240Hz outshines 144Hz refresh rate. Also, a 240hz of refresh rate provides us the utility to have a compatible resolution for our screen.

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