A 32-inch monitor is a good option when it comes to evaluating a monitor or a system based on its screen size. The 32-inch monitor is quite big and also has a good processor speed, including a better display output.

The monitor is designed especially for gaming purposes along with a good performance of the system in doing menial day-to-day works that are performed on the system. 

The 32-inch monitor gives an impetus to a resolution because of its super large screen size. 

Is 32 Inch Monitor too Big for Gaming, 1080p & Office Work?

This article talks about whether the 32-inch monitor is good for gaming, 1080 pixels of resolution, and office work-

A 32-inch monitor screen size is an ideal screen size for gaming. It has a high resolution and an amazing screen display. The gaming experience is quite interesting and provides a 3-D experience to the user. The high screen size is an ideal one for the purpose of marathon game playing and also can be used for editing and designing purposes.

It is best for a 1080 pixel of resolution. The 32-inch screen size adapts to such a high resolution well and gives an enriching experience to the game player. The high resolution is what we call an adequate resolution for game playing. This resolution provides a better refresh rate and frames per second also. The picture quality is amazing and upto the expected quality by the user.

For office work purposes, this 32-inch screen size becomes a bit bigger and is also an odd choice for the user. Although the clarity is high, the processor is fitted in a way that only high-end operations can be performed on it. The low-end operations make the system lag a bit, and also, the system becomes a little dull in performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far away should you sit from a 32-inch monitor of 1080p?

The adequate distance at which you should set from a 32-inch monitor with a 1080p of resolution is about 2-3 feet. This distance reduces the problem of eye strain and also relaxes your eyes. It is good for long working hours that require adequate eye relaxation.

What is the 38% rule?

This 38% rule defines that the best sitting position to sit from within a computer system is about 38% of the length and breadth of the room. This reduces reverberation and sound echo from within your room’s walls.


Thus, a 32-inch monitor is a good option for gaming, 1080p resolution, and office work too. The basic issue with this monitor of large screen size is its eye strain issue. This issue erupts when the user sits too close to the monitor and also does not have an eye-providing lens and a wrong posture.

Another issue is space management with regard to its bulky size and its heavy hardware component. The problem with a large size is that it cannot be accommodated on a small desk and is not within the financial constraints of the person.

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