You may never like a monitor that constantly lags while you are enjoying hours of gaming sessions. The problem lies in your monitor’s response time.

Yes, monitor response time is very important for a gaming monitor and also for those who are gaming enthusiasts. Understanding of the response time of a monitor is also very important from the view of a good gaming experience. 

But is 4ms response time good for a monitor, especially a gaming monitor?

Is 4ms Response Time Good?

This article presents before you some pointers that would surely give you an answer, to this question:

Although 4ms of response time is very impressive with respect to a monitor. But, actually we as consumers of these services should know that such a high monitor speed is a bit difficult to achieve and thus many manufacturers who claim to have such high-speed monitors may be, in reality just buzzing around.

We need to be clear with this idea that a high response time can be sometimes, problematic. This is because indirectly it means that how fast your monitor changes the colours of the screen and present before you the next scene. So, this may mean that a higher response may force your computer to change the scenes of the screen in a time which is a little longer. This may disrupt your playtime and indirectly may also harm your monitor.

Also we need to remember that a response time that is compatible with our system’s refresh rate should be used. This is because the refresh rate and the response rate both are somewhat indirectly related to one another. A 4ms response matches well with the normal refresh rate that a monitor has so it is quite good when it comes to gaming as gaming requires screen display that is optimum for both the eyes as well as the playing experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Hz is 4ms?

As per computer terminology a 1ms response time is equal to 62.5 Hz. Thus, a 4ms response time will be equal to 250 Hz. This means that in a second the monitor changes its pixels 250 times in a monitor that has a 4ms response time.

Is 240Hz monitor overkill?

Overkill stands for the problem that a person might face if he or she will use a system or any computer part at a rate more than the required one. A 240 Hz response time of a monitor is overkill as gaming purpose is however fulfilled when we use it but simple tasks like making notepad files, docx files and etc becomes difficult to handle.


So, it is clear that a 4ms response time is good but a response time lower than this is also a good parameter when it comes to gaming.

Even a 1ms response time is good. A higher response time sometimes creates problems as the display might crash if the monitor is not able to support the fast rate of changing screens and pixels. This might disrupt the internal working of the system which may cause a blunder.   

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