Although there are better choices among monitors available today, the most important parameter to choose between various gaming monitors is to check the refresh rate of the monitor. Yes, refresh rate determines the number of times your monitor’s screen refreshes itself to display the new screen. It is obvious that gaming is all about display and skills.

Thus, a high refresh rate determines a high quality of game display and thus a better gaming experience. 

There are various refresh rates available like 60Hz, 120Hz, 240HJz, etc. This article talks about the utility of a 60Hz refresh rate for gaming.

Whether 60Hz is good from a gaming perspective or not?

Is a 60Hz Monitor Good for Gaming?

A 60Hz refresh rate is not so high but refresh rates higher than this can be better at the game display. However, 60Hz is good when you have a low budget and you wish to have a medium range of screen display. 

Nowadays, the monitors having 60Hz of refresh rate have become poor and do not comply with the standards they had before. Earlier, with their launch, they were quite good with the display but nowadays their graphics card’s quality has been compromised a little. 

Refresh rate is very much essential for the viewer’s eye comfort and also for the display rate. A smoother refresh rate ensures a good balance of contrast, saturation, and sharpness. All these parameters need to be well-fitted together and also there needs to be a good monitor screen size for the refresh rate to work efficiently, for example- a 21-inch or a 24-inch monitor.

A 21-inch monitor or more precisely a small screen size monitor that has a 60Hz of refresh rate is best suited for your small room. It requires a small space and can be set up easily. The GPU can be managed efficiently and also can be run on an optimized basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 60Hz or 144Hz better for gaming?

Comparing the refresh rate of the two it is clear that a 144hz monitor is better at gaming than a 60Hz monitor. A higher refresh rate ensures better gaming as well as a better visual experience. But, a 60Hz refresh rate is good at cost effectiveness. It is a general idea that a 60Hz monitor is comparatively smaller in size than a 144Hz monitor and thus is also space efficient.

Does the RAM affect FPS?

Yes, definitely the RAM affects the FPS rate of your monitor. The higher the RAM, the higher the FPS rate. FPS is actually the number of frames per second. If the speed of your RAM is higher then the FPS rate is also higher and this indirectly leads to higher picture clarity.


A 60Hz laptop can be useful if you have budgetary issues and you want to accommodate the system in a smaller place. For a refresh rate higher than this you may have a better visual experience but that may not compromise any of the other attributes of the system like storage, processing, and throughput.

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