When it comes to gaming the most important thing is the monitor. Nowadays many brands of monitors come up but Freesync is a good choice that most gamers usually prefer. It has a good processor, a good monitor size, and above all a very smooth graphics display.

This article mainly talks about the pointers that need to be considered to designate Freesync as a good monitor for gaming purposes-

Is FreeSync Good for Gaming?

The best quality that a Freesync monitor has is its capability to just completely avoid the tearing off of the screen display while running high-end games. This task is performed by it very smoothly as it has a very optimized refresh rate. The graphics card that is inbuilt into it is also very compatible with the settings of the monitor.

The most important aspect is the refresh rate of the Freesync monitor. It has a very wide range of refresh rates which helps to display the pictures very smoothly as the refresh rate can be set as per the wish of the user. The usual refresh rate is 144Hz but if we talk about a Freesync monitor then it has a refresh rate range of about 50-144Hz.  

The best connection between the Freesync monitor and any other device is the HDMI cable connection. This is because the HDMI cable causes transmission of signals very easily and without any disruption to the original information, this feature of HDMI is very essential when it comes to gaming as the graphics are to be sent very carefully without any disruption and without any time lag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Freesync improve FPS?

Yes, Freesync improves your refresh rate as well as the FPS rate of your monitor. This avoids any unwanted tearing or fluctuations of the screen. Freesync monitors have an optimal balance between the FPS rate and the refresh rate

Do I need Freesync or G-Sync?

Freesync is good if you’re looking for a complete tear-free screen for your gaming experience. If you want a smooth display experience without any time lag then Freesync is best but optimizing G-Sync is another best option but it has a time lag issue.


It is very important to have thorough knowledge of the Freesync monitor in order to get the best gaming experience out of it. The gaming experience can be further increased by setting up the monitor’s best settings for the display.

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