The issue with your Lenovo dual monitor may be because of several reasons. There might be some technical glitch, some hardware discrepancies or some internal problems with the settings. Lenovo supports USB-C connection and also allows us to have an adapter for the connection to be established.

The latest technology allows Thunderbolt port also for the connection to be made in between the dual monitors.

Here in this article we present some common reasons for the Lenovo dual monitor not working issue:

Why Lenovo Dual Monitor Not Working?

  1. You need to first check on the power of the system. If the power is below 20% then there are chances of discrepancies in the normal working of the system. Please try to always use the original charger that you get with the purchasing of the system for charging on the system.
  2. Then you need to check on the cables. See to it that they are properly inserted into the ports. Also if the Adapter is used then it should be of the Lenovo brand only. The adapter may not be available to you with the system purchasing but you may get it at any Lenovo showroom.
  3. The power cable needs to be properly inserted into the charging slot. Don’t just overcharge it but to an optimal range of 80-95%. Overcharging often makes your system heat up and may cause problems in the internal parts of the system.
  4. Also the problem may occur that the display issue in between the dual monitors may persists because of some application error. Try to switch between applications so that you may get an idea on which application the display is working properly or not. Then after the detection of the application you need to check for updates in it. After the updates detection hold on and wait for the installation of the updates till you move on to check the display.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is only one of my dual monitors working?

The problem may occur due to wide ranging issues. The common ones being with the setup of the connections or the power crisis with the system. Restarting the system may also work.

How do you double screen on a Lenovo?

We may double screen on a Lenovo by following up the steps given below:

  • You need to launch Multiple Apps option.
  • Then move on to the Recent Apps icon present on the lower-right side of the screen.
  • Then, hold on to the app card available on the screen and drag it onto the lower-right side.
  • For the second monitor choose a second app card and then pull it out on the lower-right side.


So, the display problem may occur due to several reasons. The most common being power shortage, loose connections or an un-updated application being run on the desktop.

Make sure the battery charger and the adapter is of the same brand as that of the Lenovo system. Sometimes the overcharging of the system may also cause some fluctuations in the settings. 

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