If you are on the verge of buying a new gaming monitor, and the Lenovo G27Q-20 is on the top of your bucket list, then you have landed on the right page.

As in this blog post, we will discuss different aspects of this monitor including the design, screen, performance, and connectivity. So, you can have a better idea of whether to choose this monitor with your gaming rig or not.

Enough talking, let’s jump straight to the review.

Lenovo G27Q-20 Monitor

Lenovo G27Q 27 inch
Screen Size27-Inches
Panel TypeIPS Panel
Screen Resolution1440p
Refresh Rate165hz
Response Time3ms GTG
Aspect Ratio21:9
Peak Brightness400-knits
Display Colors1.08B
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment-5.0˚ ~ 21.0˚


The Lenovo G27Q-20 monitor comes with a radical change in design. It has a trendy look, that makes you feel that you are using an updated monitor with some futuristic touch. The monitor has very thin bezels on all three sides, with a little heavier bezels on the bottom of the screen. To be more precise, the bezels on the sides of this monitor are 7mm in size, while the bezels on the bottom side are 21mm.

The logo on the monitor is engraved on the bottom left of the screen, while the LED is present on the right side of the monitor. This LED on the standby mode has a yellow light, which turns to white when the monitor is fully powered up.

Although the build-up of the monitor is plastic, still, you get what you pay for. The stand of the monitor is metal covered in plastic, which provides the monitor a very comfortable base, so you can easily use it without any wobbling issues.

The stand of this monitor comes with blue contrast with the black matt finish, although it is just the blue stickers, however, it is how it is, and unless you try really hard, you cannot put off the stickers easily.

Even if the monitor does not support swiveling, it comes with tilting and height adjustment features. You can adjust the -5°/+22° titling, and the height adjustment can be done to 130mm, which means there are plenty of adjustment options on board. Unlike the other monitors, that come with a clip-on stand, this monitor comes with a screw stand, which can be troublesome for some people to assemble, as you need a little more time compared to the clip-on one.

Coming to the backside of the monitor, there is the cable management clip, which aids you in the adjustment of the cable, while the ports are present on the left side of the monitor, with the Lenovo logo, which makes the back of this monitor look clean & simple.


The screen quality of this monitor is perfect, especially, when you put the price factor in. It comes with an IPS panel, that has very minimum IPS glow, and bleeding issues, even in the darkest of rooms.

More importantly, it has a 1440p resolution, which is a major upgrade from the 1080p resolution on the non “Q” variant of this monitor. Additionally, it has a 165hz resolution, and 3ms gray-to-gray response time, which makes it an ideal pick for budget gaming.

The colors on the screen are super-vivid, with excellent contrast of black and whites, as it comes with a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, which means you can expect darker blacks and whiter whites. When you combine it with the 400cd/m² brightness, watching movies, and shows in the dark is not a problem anymore. 

The text on the screen is also super-sharp, we had no problem in using this monitor for different tasks including using MS Word, Excel, etc. Surprisingly, there is no visible IPS glow on this monitor, even when you are using the monitor in dark rooms with very little to no light. 

The screen glare on this monitor is also very minimal, it comes with a 3H coating on the screen for superior anti-glare technology. In this way, you can have a clear view of the monitor, without sitting in the center.

Plus, it has a flicker-free backlight, and a dedicated comfort mode, which puts the stress away from your eyes. So, you can game for longer without any problem.


Despite the fact, this monitor comes with very few ports, it supports HDMI 2.0, and Displayport 1.2 connectivity, as there is one of each of these ports onboard. Additionally, there is a 3.5mm audio output jack, which allows easy speaker connectivity.


Now coming straight to the performance of the Lenovo G27Q-20 monitor, it smashes all the other monitors out of the park in this segment. It has the 2560×1440 resolution 2K display, which can provide 165 frames per second, making this monitor a lucrative choice for gamers seeking a quality budget monitor. The latency rate on this monitor is also worth mentioning, as it comes with a very low response rate of 3ms GTG.

Even if that was not enough for you, it comes with the Adaptive FreeSYNC technology, which works with both the NVIDIA and the AMD graphics card. Mostly, the FreeSync technology on the budget-oriented monitors works with the AMD GPUs and lacks support for the NVIDIA monitors.

Amazingly, there is the dedicated gaming mode, which can be selected from the OSD quite easily, this mode basically boosts the performance of the monitor for gaming. These features make this monitor the perfect choice for people who are seeking a quality budget gaming monitor.

  • Amazing Design
  • No dead pixels
  • 2K Resolution
  • Superior Refresh Rate
  • Low-Latency
  • Adaptive Sync
  • Assembling Requires Time
  • No Swiveling Feature

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the Difference Between the Lenovo G27Q-20 & the Lenovo G27-20 Monitors?

The Lenovo G27Q-20 has a 1440p resolution, 10-bit FRC, and 165hz refresh rate, while the non “Q” model has 1080p resolution, 8-bit FRC, and 144hz refresh rate.

Is it Difficult to Adjust the Stand of the Lenovo G27Q-20 monitor?

Well, it is not difficult to adjust the stand of the Lenovo G72Q-20 monitor, however, it requires some time, as it comes with a screw stand, instead of a clip-on stand.

Does the Lenovo G27Q-20 monitor support Adaptive Sync?

Yes, the Lenovo G27Q-20 monitor comes with the Adaptive-Sync technology, and it is compatible with both the NVIDIA and the AMD GPUs.


Lenovo G27Q-20 is a fantastic quality budget gaming monitor which offers a 2K resolution display, 165hz refresh rate, and 3ms GTG response time.

Also, it has excellent build quality, decent quality stand, and ample amount of connectivity options on board. And, with a price tag of less than 400USD, it’s one of the most popular choices for budget gamers available.

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