Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 is a popular 27-inches gaming monitor, which offers an excellent display, and a fantastic range of features.

But, how does this monitor stand in the competition? Is it the best monitor in this price bracket?

Read out the post to get the answer, as in this blog post, we have compiled a complete guide, in which we have discussed different aspects of this monitor including its design, screen, connectivity, and performance.

So, you can easily get the right monitor for your needs.

Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 Monitor

Lenovo 65EEGAC1US
Screen Size27”
Panel TypeIPS
Screen Resolution1440p
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Time1ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Peak Brightness350-nits
Display Colors1.98B
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment5° to 20°


Display plays an important role in the selection of the monitor, as it’s the thing that you interact with the most while using the monitor, and you will be glad to know that the Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 has an amazing design that provides it with exotic gaming vibes.

The first impression of the monitor is fantastic, as there are nominal bezels on the screen. The top, left & right bezels are very slim, and the bottom bezels have the “Legion” branding on them. Interestingly, the material used in the monitor is also top-notch.

The best thing that we noticed about the design of this monitor is that it comes with a very slim design philosophy, which means you can put the monitor in crumbled spaces without any worries.

Legion Y27Q-20 has a fantastic stand with a great color combination of black and blue colors. This stand is super-heavy and has an optional feature of the speakers with Harmon Kardon sound for perfectly tuned sound.

Additionally, the stand of the monitor is also loaded with a wide set of functions, as it comes with tilting, pivoting, swiveling, and height adjustment functionalities allowing you to get the monitor in the best possible shape to accommodate the perfect angle. Not only this, it comes with 178-degrees wide viewing angles, so you can have the perfect view from every possible angle. Not to mention, this monitor is VESA compatible for easy hanging on the wall.

Coming to the backside of the monitor, it has a cable management system, right on the back of the stand for easy cable management, which means there won’t be any clutter on the screen. Likewise, there are vents in the middle of the back, and the ports are also present at the back of the screen.


The Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 comes with a high-quality IPS panel screen. The colors produced on the screen are super-rich, vivid, and close to real. Apart from that, there are a number of other things that you would like about this monitor.

For instance, this screen has a superb color tuning straight out of the box. So, you do not need to tweak it to get the best possible color resolution. Additionally, it has different preset colors modes on-board for easy changing of the color screen according to the genre, which is absolutely amazing feature.

The 1440p resolution on this screen size looks fantastic, as it provides excellent pixel density. Also, the 350 nits brightness combined with the 1000:1 contrast ratio ensures you get deep blacks and pure whites.

On top of that, this monitor comes with a 165hz refresh rate for gaming. Not only the display is capable of supporting 165 frames per second, but also, but it also ensures you 1ms GTG response time, which enables you to play AAA titles on this monitor without any issues.

The anti-glare coating combined with the wide viewing angles is there to support the viewing angles from every corner of the room. So, you do not need to sit right in the center.

Additionally, there is the eye-comfort mode on this monitor for a long time sitting in front of the monitor. This mode puts off the strain from your eyes, enabling you to use the monitor for long period.


There are mediocre connectivity options available on this monitor, as it comes with one Displayport 1.4, and one HDMI port 2.0. Although, there are a couple of ports available on this monitor, still, these ports are super-capable, and easily provide HD content streaming.

Sadly, there is no support for Mini Displayport, or the 3.5mm audio output jack.


This monitor excels in the performance department, as it’s a monitor that is built for performance, and high-end gaming.

Firstly, it has a 1440p resolution display, which provides superior colors, different modes, and excellent contrast on the screen. So, everything looks exactly as it should on a gaming monitor.

Likewise, there is the 165hz refresh rate, and 3ms response time on this monitor, which can be boosted to 1ms for hardcore gaming. That means, there will not be any lagging, screen ghosting, or tearing issues on the monitor.

On top of all these specifications, this monitor has AMD Free Sync, and G-SYNC capabilities, which makes this monitor one of the best gaming monitors under 500 USD. Usually, gaming monitors in this price bracket only come with the AMD FreeSync and lack G-Sync compatibility. This monitor comes with both of these technologies, which is exceptional, considering the price factor.

If you do not know what FreeSync does, then in simple words, it locks the refresh rate of the monitor with GPU for providing a better transition of frames without any tearing issues for a better gaming experience.

  • Excellent Screen
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • FreeSync & G-Sync Compatibility
  • Fully Adjustable Stand
  • Budget Friendly
  • No Speakers
  • Lacks USB Ports

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 a Gaming Monitor?

Yes, the Lenovo Legion Y27Q is a gaming monitor, and it comes with a 1440p resolution display, 165hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and Free-Sync capabilities.

What is the Refresh Rate & Response Time on the Legion Y27Q-20 Monitor?

The refresh rate on the LegionQ-20 monitor is 165hz, while the response time on this monitor is normally 3ms, which can be turbo boosted to 1ms.

Does the Y27Q-20 Come with FreeSync?

Yes, the Y27Q-20 comes with FreeSync capabilities. Surprisingly, it comes with both the NVIDIA and AMD Freesync. So, you can enjoy your gaming at the best possible graphics.


The Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20 is a fantastic quality monitor which comes with 1440p resolution, 165hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, on top of that, it comes with G-Sync, and AMD Free Sync capabilities, which makes it one of the best budget monitors.

However, it lacks speakers, and USB ports, which is the downside of this monitor. Nonetheless, this monitor is perfect in every sense, especially, when you take the price factor into the consideration.

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