The LG 24GL650-B monitor comes with an FHD screen, aggressive design, adjustable stand, and excellent response time.

But, the real question here is, is this monitor the best value for your money?

In order to answer this question, we have compiled a complete guide, in which we have discussed different dimensions of this machine including its design practicality, display, connectivity, and performance.

So, you can know whether this machine is the right fit for your needs or not. That being said, let’s check out the review in detail.

LG 24GL650-B Monitor

LG 24GL650-B 24 Inch Full HD Ultragear Gaming Monitor
Screen Size24”
Panel TypeTN
Screen Resolution1080p
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time1ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
Peak Brightness350-nits
Display Colors1.67m
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment-5° to 30°


Firstly, talk about the design of the monitor. The LG 24GL650-B comes with a solid build construction, and the bezels on the screen are rather on the heavier side, which provides it with oldish looks. Despite the fact, it has bulkier bezels, the screen-to-body ratio on this monitor is amazing. All the bezels are of the same size, which provides it with a boxy look.

The stand of the monitor is firm and has inspired design from the LG curved series, with the “V” shaped branding. The monitor has a very low-profile design, which makes it a right fit for people who are low on space. Also, the stand is perfect for handling the monitor weight.

Not only this stand has amazing looks, sturdier construction, and a heavy base. But also, it has superior ergonomics. With its tilting, swiveling, and height adjustment feature. You can easily adjust the monitor according to your preference.

From the front side, it may seem like a normal monitor with a rough black finish, but on the backside of the monitor, there is a perfect contrast of red, and black color, which provides it with the gaming essence. 

The base of the stand, and the backside of the monitor, both have red paint hints. Also, there is the cable management system, and the ports on the backside. So, there is minimum cluttering on your desk.


The Screen on this monitor is amazing, considering the price of the monitor, it is the perfect bang for your bucks. It comes with a 24-inches high-performance screen, with a TN. The TN panel on the screen ensures you get the best performance for your gaming needs.

Since there is the TN panel installed, thus it can easily achieve a 144hz refresh rate, with a 1ms GTG response time for unrivaled performance, which is clearly not possible on an IPS panel in this price segment. This feature makes it a great pick for aspiring gamers.

Everything comes with its own benefits, as well as drawbacks, and since it’s not an IPS screen, expect the colors to be a little less sharp, and the screen also lacks contrast, as it has a lower contrast ratio at 700:1.

Besides, there are different modes that make the screen perfect for various genres including movies, games, shows, etc. Also, the brightness at the 300-nits makes it well-lighten for superior performance

If you like reading, then this monitor comes with a dedicated reading mode, which is perfect for people who like reading blog posts, or text on the monitor screen. Basically, this mode enhances the sharpness of the text for a precise reading experience.

There is also a flicker-free mode on-board, which reduces the flickers on your screen, that when combined with the blue-light filter provides you with the optimum comfort of eyes. 

Plus, we also liked the anti-glare coating, and wide-viewing angles on the screen. So, you don’t necessarily have to sit right in front of the monitor for enjoying the display.


This monitor has two HDMI (2.0+1.4) ports, one DisplayPort 1.2, and one headphone jack. You can get the 144hz refresh rate on the HDMI 2.0, the other two ports do not provide the 144hz refresh rate. 

Sadly, there are no speakers on-board, so you would have to use external speakers with it if you want to enjoy the sound.


This monitor is basically designed for gaming, and thus offers the intended entry-level gaming performance. This monitor comes with a 1080 FHD resolution that can provide 144 frames. Also, there is the 1ms GTG latency rate for the prompt response. In this way, you get a real quick response from your machine, your every click gets registered faster, and better.

Additionally, there is the FreeSync compatibility, which sadly works on the AMD graphics cards, if you have an NVIDIA graphics card already installed on your PC, then it can be a deal-breaker for you.

The FreeSync compatibility regulates the refresh rate of the PC, with the monitor, providing you with butter-smooth graphics, without any tearing or lagging issues.

  • Stylish Design
  • Decent Resolution
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Excellent Response Time
  • FreeSync Compatible
  • Low Viewing Angles
  • Lacks Sharpness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the LG 24GL650-B a Good Quality Monitor?

Yes, the LG 24GL650-B is a fantastic quality monitor which comes with a 1080p screen, 144hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time, and plenty of modes. Above all, this monitor is budget-friendly, so you won’t have to break the bank in order to afford one.

What is the Maximum Resolution on the LG 24GL650-B Monitor?

The maximum resolution on the LG 24GL650-B is 1080p. 1080p resolution on this screen size looks good, considering the TN panel, this monitor has excellent sharpness and color gamut.

Is the LG 24GL650-B a Gaming monitor?

Yes, the LG 24GL650-B is a gaming monitor, it comes with a TN panel, 144hz refresh rate, 1mg GTG response time, and FreeSync compatibility, which is amazing.


The LG 24GL650-B is an entry-level gaming monitor which offers decent resolution, a higher refresh rate, and exceptional response time. Additionally, it also has FreeSync compatibility, which makes it an excellent choice for gamers seeking a budget gaming monitor.

However, as it comes with a TN panel, so the viewing angles are not as wide as an IPS panel, and the color is less sharp. Nonetheless, it’s a good quality monitor for newbies.

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