When an LG monitor is connected to an external monitor using an HDMI wired connection, sometimes no connection, or no signal is showcased by the system. This problem is mainly due to a power issue caused due to improper charging or a battery shortage in the system. The video card or the video cables of the system might not be well connected to the system. The graphics card problem is also a major problem.

Here in this article, we talk about some major issues that may cause no signal to an LG monitor connected via HDMI.

LG Monitor No Signal HDMI Issue

Lets discuss all the possible reasons and fixes in detail:

  1. The LG monitor might not have a good quality video card or a malfunctioning graphics driver. The LG monitor might not be functioning properly due to these reasons. There might be some problems with the screen’s resolution as well, which might disrupt the whole display procedure.
  2. The power of the system might not be working properly. The power cable used for charging might not be optimum to the model as it might not be of the same company as the system. The battery cables might be worn off, or the ends might not be in the ports properly.
  3. The graphic card might not be supported by the system to which it is connected. The graphics card might have out-of-date device driver support. You need to also check the updates of your system and see to it that the operating system is in its latest updated state.
  4. The system might not be properly connected to the Central Processing Unit. Once you need to check on the connections from the Visual Display Unit to the Central Processing Unit. This might develop a serious problem in processing as well as the display purpose of the system. The Central Processing Unit is the system’s brain, which we all know, and thus it is essential to have an optimized connection of the CPU to all the components of the system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change the settings on my monitor?

The settings on a monitor can be changed by the following steps:

  • Go on to the button at the bottom of the monitor.
  • Go on to ‘Settings’.
  • Then, view the ‘Menu’ settings.
  • Then at the bottom of the screen will occur the ways of using the buttons to change the settings.

What should my monitor settings be?

The settings of the system should be such that they are properly optimized by the system. All the output should be well presented by the system and hence should not carry any ambiguity, sharp brightness, or warmness. The system’s temperature should be maintained at an optimal level to cause ease to the eyes.


The LG monitor is a very popular brand in the name of electrical appliances. The HDMI services are quite good for connecting to external devices, but sometimes it might not be optimal for a monitor.

So, there might be some issues pertaining to this problem that may cause the system’s malfunction. You need to see the system’s power, the wired connections the resolution of the system.

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