Since the time Mac Mini has been launched in the market, it has revolutionized the users’ workspace. Mac Mini is compatible with several devices, and it enhances the performance of your work, and you can even use it for entertainment purposes. 

Mac Mini comes with an inbuilt security system that makes the entire functioning all the more secure. Many people argue about Mac Mini being extremely expensive, and you require a keyboard display mouse for its usage. 

And yes, Mac Mini is undoubtedly expensive, but if you have all the other devices at your home, you can have an outstanding wireless experience. You can conveniently use Mac Mini with your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. 

Mac Mini is the cheapest Mac that you can buy, and all the features that this small device has can seriously compel you to switch to this device. Mac Mini is available in two versions, Core i5 and i7. 

Both the versions of this device are outstanding and proved to be highly worthy of the purchase; however, you get a few more benefits with one of them. This article will discuss which core processor is better in providing robust performance in Mac Mini. 

Similarities of Mac Mini i5 and i7

Before we jump onto the comparison and differences between Mac Mini i5 and i7, let’s look at the features and details that both of these core processors offer to the Mac Mini. 

In Mac Mini, customers get a choice to choose between dual-core Intel core i5 or Intel core i7 processor. Both the processes render outstanding graphics, and they are also equipped with AMD Radeon HD discrete graphics.

Mac Mini i5 and i7 both can be upgraded in terms of storage capacity and memory. Moreover,  the thunderbolt I/O technology enhances the expansion possibility in both processors. Both the processes of effective performance to the users are more remarkable as for the preference of the work. 

It is certain that if you want to use Mac Mini for everyday use and entertainment purposes, the Intel Core i5 processor can offer you outstanding performance.

However, if your purpose of using the Mac Mini is for professional and higher and work, Intel core i7 is known for rendering better performance than i5. Let’s see the comparison of price and battery below. 

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Comparison Between Mac Mini i5 and i7

Mac Mini i5 and i7 both are pretty similar in terms of features, connectivity options and technology; however, the significant difference comes when we talk about battery life and money that you will have to spend for buying them.

Apple 2020 Mac Mini with Intel...
  • Eighth-generation 6-core Intel Core i5 processor
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • AppleCare+ for Mac extends your coverage to three years from your AppleCare+ purchase date and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage.
  • Each incident of accidental damage coverage is subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $299 for other damage, plus applicable tax

Battery Capacity of Mac Mini i5 and i7

Battery life is one of the most critical aspects of every device because you will be spending a lot of time on the Mac Mini. Everybody wants to have a long battery life so they can work without any interaction. 

To be clear, when you switch from Mac Mini i5 to Mac Mini i7, you will have to compromise half an hour or more on the battery life. Since the processor is faster than Mac Mini i5, it will take up more battery to be compatible with the faster processor.

 So clearly, if you want to have long battery life, you should go for the Mac Mini i5, but you will have to compromise on the fast processor. 

Price of Mac Mini i5 and i7

Another basis of comparison between Mac Mini i5 and i7 is the price of these two versions. Mac Mini i5 is undoubtedly cheaper than Mac Mini i7 because if you go for i7, you will have to pay $150 or $200 more than what you will pay for Mac Mini i5.

Mac Mini has been available in various models. Each model that Apple has launched is available in i5 and i7; therefore, users get the flexibility to choose which one of these two processes is better for their needs. 

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Which One Should You Choose: Mac Mini i5 or i7? 

The performance of the Mac Mini i7 is undoubtedly better than what you get in Mac Mini i5. In a proper comparison of the song playing and audio tracks, it was tested that Mac Mini i5 could only play 64 audio tracks without any error. In Mac Mini i7, 128 songs could be played conveniently. 

Even though both Mac Mini i5 and i7 render similar features, the better quality of features is available in Intel core i7. So ultimately Mac Mini i7 is better than Mac Mini i5. But now the central question comes, which one should you buy? 

The answer to this question is, for what purpose do you want to use Mac Mini? If you’re going to use Mac Mini for random entertainment purposes and casual browsing, you can undoubtedly go for Mac Mini i5 as it is undoubtedly cheaper than Mac Mini i7. 

However, if your requirements are for professional work and high-end graphic oriented purposes, you should undoubtedly buy Mac Mini i7 because it has a strong processor.

Intel Core i7 is outstanding when it comes to multitasking high-end graphics work 3D work, and that cannot be effectively done on Mac Mini i5 because it has a slower processor. Mac Mini i7 is also better when it comes to large cache and hyper-threading. 

With a large storage capacity and cache, you can store more data, and hyperthreading allows you to function on additional cores. However, even with so many benefits that Mac Mini i7 has over i5, it still has a few drawbacks. 

The major drawback that users get to face with Mac Mini i7 is the overheating and noise issue that usually happens with the latest models of Mac Mini. 

So if you don’t want your device to be overheated and you want to have a Mac Mini at a lower price, then indeed, the Mac Mini i5 is a better option than Mac Mini i7. 

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Summing it Up

So this was the complete comparison between Mac Mini i5 and i7. In conclusion, we can say that Mac Mini i7 is a better device if you are into High-end professional work such as photoshopping, graphics work, etc.

 But if your requirements are more for casual browsing and everyday entertainment purposes, Mac Mini i5 will do the best job.

 In the comparison, you must have seen that Mac Mini i7 is expensive than Mac Mini i5, which can be a major deciding factor between the two, so if you want to have a cheaper Mac Mini at your home, i5 is the best, but then you will have to sacrifice on the fast processor. 

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