Here in this article we will provide you a detailed Mac Mini VS Apple TV comparison guide.

Mac mini vs apple tv comparison guide

Apple is one of the most popular brands worldwide, and the dominance that it has created in the technological world is yet to be matched. Every time Apple comes with a unique device with some of the best features, and that can make routine things a bit more exciting and easy.

 In 2005 Apple launched the Mac mini, and since then, several latest generations of Mac mini have been established in the market. Mac mini is equipped with a good processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI Ports and much more features. 

With every new generation, Apple has improved the quality and number of features. As a result, the Mac mini is one of the most stylish devices launched by Apple, and the design of this product is highly durable and chic.

 Later in 2007, Apple launched a new product named Apple TV, a digital media player that users can connect with their television and stream videos, movies, and songs.

 Similarly to the Mac mini, Apple TV is also equipped with the latest features, including Wi-Fi, to make it easier for the devices to connect. Thus, the motive of both the devices is quite similar, due to which several purchases get confused as to which one is better than the other. 

This article will share the basic features and pros and cons of both Mac mini and Apple TV that will give you a proper understanding of both the products. By the end of this article, you will be able to determine which one is superior to the other. 

Comparison Between Mac Mini and Apple TV

Lets discuss all the terms in detail.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

In our comparison guide, lets discuss the connectivity options of both devices.

Mac Mini

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Mac minis are the most versatile and efficient product by Apple that works as a great home media centre. When it comes to connectivity, you can conveniently connect Mac Mini to your home theatre setup for your television and computer. 

Connecting Mac mini to your devices is not a lengthy or complicated process; you can keep Mac Mini near the device you want it to hook up with. In addition, you can connect Mac Mini with various connection types, for which you will require a Mini display port or an apple adapter. 

Your television or monitor must have DVI capabilities for the connection, but if it does not have that from Mini Displayport, you can make that happen. 

Once you have established a DVI connection from Mini Displayport, you can turn on pure TV and then you will be able to see and stream your favourite movie or show from Mac mini to your television screen. 

Apple TV

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Since Apple TV is designed especially for connecting with your television, there are several ports available on the product to connect your television with the help of an HDMI cable. To connect Apple TV to your desired device, you do not require any additional adapter. 

For a proper connection, you have to make sure that you must have iTunes from where you will connect to the wireless router. Once your Apple TV is connected to your television, you will stream the content on the big screen.

 If you want to listen to the music, you can also sync the content from your computer to the Apple TV to have a direct playback on the television. The only primary requirement for you to use Apple TV is a computer with iTunes in it.

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Lets discuss the features of both devices.

Apple TV Features

Apple TV is a good option for having an outstanding entertainment hub as you can watch videos and listen to music. Apple TV is indeed a good option; however, the drawback that comes with it is you cannot surf on it. 

If, while watching something, a question comes to your mind or you have an urge to google something, you will not be able to find that with the help of the Apple TV, and eventually, you will have to pick up your phone or iPad. 

This is one of the most significant drawbacks of Apple TV because several people have started to switch from it. If you want to connect Apple TV to the internet, you will either have to use LAN or WLAN connection. 

Even though Apple TV has been launched in various generations, it still does not have the capability of using the internet. Because of this issue, the Mac mini is a better and a viable option. 

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Mac Mini Features

Mac OS X can use Mac mini, and it is also compatible with the iTunes library. However, the best feature of Mac mini is that apart from the iOS applications, you can use Microsoft Office, web, and other applications. 

This feature of the Mac mini makes it pretty appealing to the users compared to the Apple TV. However, the features and benefits you get with the Mac mini are far beyond what you get with Apple TV. 

Because of its versatility, the Mac mini is considered a better device than Apple TV or any other similar device available in the market.

 The new models of Mac mini have also started to come with various HDMI ports that were not available in the previous models, which is a step forward in making Mac Mini the superior device to Apple TV. 

Price Comparison

Price Comparison

The following basis of comparison is the price. In comparing costs, The upper hand goes to the Apple TV because it is cheaper than Mac Mini. There are various versions of Mac mini; however, the most affordable Mac Mini costs almost $600, which is more than an Apple TV which is priced at $300 on average. 

Indeed, for the cost of one Mac mini, you can buy several products created by Apple TV. Even though the Mac mini is extremely expensive, the features that are equipped in the device are far greater than Apple TV. 

Mac mini is equipped with a graphics card, wireless card, sound processor and on the other side, Apple TV only comes with a hard drive and wireless card. 

 If Mac mini sounds too expensive for you, then you can undoubtedly go for Apple TV. Still, suppose you want to have a more significant experience watching your favourite shows without any hassle. In that case, it is better to increase your budget and directly buy the cheapest model of Mac Mini. 

Because even in the cheaper Mac mini model, you will be able to find better features than Apple TV. So for a durable and better experience, why should you compromise on the quality of features provided by the device. 

Overview of Apple TV and Mac Mini

Both the multimedia sessions are considered suitable for entertainment purposes; however, the features of the Mac mini are far better and more significant than Apple TV. Even from the above comparison, you would have made up your mind about which device is better for you. Still below, we have mentioned an overview of all the features of both devices. 

Mac Mini Overview


Mac mini has the capability of being connected with more than one device, and you can play applications other than iOS on it. 


The usage and handling of Mac mini are straightforward because you get everything pre-installed, so it becomes easier for you to connect, and after the connection, you can start using it instantly. 


Mac mini is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor that can run at a 1.4 GHz frequency. Other than the robust performance, users get 4GB of memory to sync and store a good amount of content. 


Mac mini is expensive, and the average cost is around $600. 

Apple TV Features


Apple TV allows you to stream content on various applications such as Netflix and Amazon YouTube; however, you do not benefit from using Google. You can sync the content from iTunes directly for smooth playback. 


Apple TV comes with a remote control that makes the handling and usage process extremely easy, and with the help of the remote control, you can easily navigate applications. The newer generations of Apple TV are also equipped with the voice search feature “Siri”.  


The Apple TV is equipped with an Apple A8 chip and 2GB RAM. Depending on the model of the product, either you can get an internal memory of 32 GB or 62 GB. 


Apple TV is cheaper than Mac mini, and you can get the more affordable model of Apple TV at $300. 

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Sum Up 

This was the whole comparison between Mac Mini and Apple TV, and we hope after reading this comparison guide, you will get a clear understanding of the two products. Indeed in terms of features, the Mac mini is a superior device then Apple TV, and with Mac Mini, you get more excellent opportunities and accessibility.

However, on the other hand, if the price is concerned, Apple TV is a much better option because they are available at a cheaper rate than Mac Mini. Whichever product you want to go for entirely depends on your requirements and budget, but we recommend that a Mac mini is the best choice if you want to have a good entertainment experience in your home. 

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