The age-old Cathode Ray Tube enabled television sets sometimes ended up in disruptions to the display. Suddenly the signal of the television fluctuated and ended up in restlessness among the viewers.

These flickering lines, when erupting in a monitor, cause huge display problems and also a lack of clarity to the user. Thus, it becomes essential for the user to understand the reason behind these flickering lines so that the solution can be easily comprehended.

Monitor Flickering Lines Issue

This article gives you a list of essential reasons that cause flickering lines in your monitor:

1. Short Circuiting

The most common reason is the short-circuiting of your monitor due to a sudden and large power supply. This problem may also erupt due to some accumulated or residual power left in the monitor.

2. Video Card

The system’s video card may not be inserted properly into the slot. Look for the video card slot on the system and then remove it from the slot to re-insert it.

3. Resolution

The next reason might be that your monitor is set at the wrong resolution. The screen size may not be adequate to support the screen’s resolution, and thus there may be some issues with the display too. An adequate resolution is what we require for the best display services.

4. Hardware Problem

Your monitor may be defective. The monitor may not have fully functional machinery, or some mechanical problem may have erupted into the monitor’s hardware. 

5. Connection Problem

The other reason may be the improper connection of wires to the system. This might have resulted in an improper synchronization between the monitor and the system’s Central Processing Unit. The whole thing depends upon synchronization between your system and other external devices.

6. Overheating

Overheating the system might also cause the flickering of lines onto your display. The device drivers may not be properly installed onto your system, which might result in malfunctioning the system, resulting in a disruptive display.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes wavy lines on the monitor?

The wavy lines are caused due to the influence of radiation from other electronic devices on your monitor. Also, these lines may be due to close contact of the monitor with external devices such as a printer, photocopy machine, or speaker. Generally, it happens when your monitor is plugged into the same socket the other device is plugged into.

What is the small blinking line on the screen called?

The small blinking line on the screen is called the ‘Cursor’. The mouse pointer is used for selecting and inserting any object anywhere on the screen.


So, the reasons for flickering lines onto a computer screen are very simple and easy to understand for rectification. The main reason is overuse of the computer system that causes it to heat up and also a malfunctioning Random Access Memory.

All the reasons stated above can be used to find out the reasons that cause any display disruption related to the screen. Thus, you need to be careful while using your monitor, as the monitor is where the whole functioning of the system is reflected.

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