Sometimes, while doing continuous work for long hours on your system, you must take breaks between your tasks. These breaks give you relief and relax your body. But what if your system goes on to sleep.

This might make you grumpy and sad, and also, you might not be able to go on with your work more, or it may happen that the work that you were doing on your system might not be retrieved back on. So, a monitor going on to sleep is not a good option, and it makes us a bit worried about our system’s functioning.

Why Does My Monitor Keep Going to Sleep?

In this article, we discuss the reasons why our monitor goes to sleep. These reasons will ultimately lead to solutions to the problem that persists with your system.

  1. The main reason is a very low battery percentage along with a heavy task being performed on the system. The thing to note is that you need to have about 60% or above the battery percentage of your system to run on any task smoothly. This gives you a good processor speed along with an amazing visual quality too.
  2. The device driver settings should not be faulty or outdated. The device driver setup is to be enabled very properly and cautiously installed. The graphics card settings need to be checked once, and then if any problem persists, you may go on to update the graphics card driver.
  3. The screen saver function is to be initiated correctly and without any mismatch between the sleep mode timings and the screen saver’s active duration. When any mismatch exists between the screen saver timing and the sleep mode timing of the system, then the system may go into sleep mode while performing any function.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my monitor keep going off?

There are various reasons why your monitor keeps going off occasionally. The most important reason is the overheating of the system due to the heavy use of the applications and any overload of electricity in the system.

Where is the sleep key on my keyboard?

Nowadays, the latest monitors have the sleep key along with the enter key on their system keyboard. It usually has a ‘Crescent Moon’ shape present on it. The key combination to be followed is the Function key + Insert key. Or, if the ‘Cresent Moon’ icon is available in your system directly, you may just press and hold it for a few minutes, and your system will automatically go to sleep mode.


So, you need to be very clear while performing any function on the monitor system about the battery storage percentage. The battery storage percentage needs to be above 50% every time you go for any function on your system.

The device driver settings need to be installed properly and also without any updating issues. The thing that matters is the screen saver time also. The screen saver time needs to be optimum with the sleep mode timings of the system.

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