With the increase in thefts and other criminal activities, more and more people are installing CCTV cameras in their homes, and workplaces

A lot of people get confused in choosing the right display type for their security cameras.

As you can display your cameras on the monitors as well as TVs.

Therefore, in this blog post, we have put together the pros, and cons of both these display types.

Monitor or TV for Security Camera – Comparison

So, you can get the best display output for your security cameras easily.

Difference Between CCTV Monitor and TV

Lets differentiate between monitor and TV for CCTV cameras.

Pros of Computer Monitor

Pros of Computer Monitor
  1. The computer monitor serves the best connectivity with your security camera. The reason behind this is that the sole purpose of those monitors is to monitor and display the images from the security camera so, there are no issues  with the cabling that you use
  2.  Monitors are also preferred for CCTV surveillance because they have a higher capacity to stay on for continuous monitoring. Whereas TV does not have the capacity to do that all the time.

Recommended Monitors for Security Camera

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Cons of Computer Monitor

Cons of Computer Monitor
  1. TV’s are available in almost every house but monitors are not there so, if you use a monitor for surveillance of your security camera then you will need to spend some more money
  2. Since TVs are common so you can place them in your living room and can set up your security camera with your TV. However, if you do that with a monitor you will need to keep it separately either by hiding it or by displaying it publicly

Pros of TV

Pros of Computer Monitor
  1. Televisions are usually lower in costs as compared to computer monitors. Also, you might not need to get a new television for monitoring the security camera because it would have already been present at your place but you might need to purchase some cabling for it so it is preferable for its low cost.
  2. Using a television for monitoring the security camera is more practical because you already know the use of it and already have an established place for it in your home. So, you will not need to get into some extra trouble by buying a new monitor.

Recommended TVs for Security Camera

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Cons of TV

Cons of Computer Monitor

For connecting the security camera with your TV, you will need to have HDMI connections by using cables. In that case, you will need to have some spare ports of HDMI on your TV. So, if they were all already occupied by something else that should have to be traded off in order to connect the security camera with the TV

You can check our detailed reviews on Best Monitors for CCTV Cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best monitors that can be used for the surveillance of CCTV?

We cannot select any monitor as the best monitor because this thing depends on the uses that you want from that monitor. If you will choose the monitor that will serve your best interest it will definitely be the best monitor. But we can guide you to choose the most suitable monitor for yourself by considering your budget firstly.

Then, you need to see the resolution of the CCTV camera that you are using. You also need to see the purpose behind the video surveillance of CCTV. Then, you should check Your CCTV camera that how many resolutions does it provide for a picture. After considering all these questions you should go to buy that monitor that accommodates these demands and should have enough display to accommodate the large pixels that will be needed for surveillance of CCTV.

Is there a way to do surveillance of my security camera with the help of my laptop or personal computer?

Yes, you can monitor your security camera with the help of your laptop. But there are different ways to do sodepending on the security camera that you have installed at your place. Also, the answer to this question depends on the location of your security camera and your laptop. But generally, you can do so by using the Internet Explorer for the camera that is pretty old.

You will just need to add your IP address of the local network followed by password and username and will get access to the videos. Secondly, you can also monitor your security camera by client software that has been provided by the manufacturer of the security camera company. The client software app does not work only on laptops but also on your smartphones.

Which electronic device is more compatible for dealing with the surveillance of a security camera, a computer monitor, or a TV?

The rate of compatibility depends on your needs. Both of these devices are good for surveillance of security camera but if you need to zoom in the video then you should go for the monitor of your computer because TV only provides you 1 DVR / NVR.


You can connect the security camera with both TV and monitor but if you want to save your money you should go for a TV however if you want high resolution and zoomed in pictures then, you need to go for a computer monitor.

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