A monitor’s response time is very important when it comes to a gaming monitor. As we know that in gaming, the monitor’s display is the most important thing. The whole gaming process depends on the functionality of the monitor. Thus, it becomes very crucial for us to carefully evaluate the setting of the monitor’s response time. 

This article clearly mentions the pointers that are to be kept in mind with respect to the response time setting. Further, the article also mentions the response time settings of various brands.

Monitor Response Time Setting – Detailed

The response time refers to the time that a computer monitor takes when it shifts colors on the screen. It is usually measured in terms of milliseconds (ms). Usually, the parameters that are used to measure the response time are the time taken by the monitor to go from grey color to green color, from black to white, and then from white to black again and the final parameter states how much time it takes the monitor to shift from black to grey color.

Response time settings are so focused upon by gamers because it is one of the most complicated features when it comes to gaming, especially computer gaming. An average or more precisely a good range of response time for monitors is 1 ms to 4 ms. 4ms is difficult to attain thus if we have a 1ms response time monitor then it is also an optimum range.

Now, let us talk about the response time setting for different monitor brands:

1. LG Monitor Response Time Setting

For an LG monitor the best response time is 1ms. As per the LG brand manufacturer, a monitor should be a flexible one because it is not only present there for playing games but also for various other functions like typing, watching some lectures, or anything else. Thus, a 1ms response time is the most flexible one and fits best when it comes to an LG monitor.

2. hp Monitor Response Time Setting

When it comes to HP monitor the response time should be set at 1ms. This 1ms value is best for a gaming monitor of HP. However, HP monitors provide you the option to change the response time of your monitor from value 1 to 5, where 1 corresponds to the slowest and 5 corresponds to the fastest response time.

Now here it depends on your need and requirement that which response time you need to attain, according to all the experts the most recommended response time for the hp monitor is 1ms.

3. Samsung Monitor Response Time Setting

A SAMSUNG monitor also has 1ms as the best response time. This response time value can be used to handle all operations of the monitor, even if it ranges from playing games or watching a movie to just completing your assignment on MS Word.

4. Philips Monitor Response Time Setting

PHILIPS monitor’s response time setting is best at the 4ms value. Also, PHIPILS monitors are built to achieve this high rate of response time. It is one of the most trusted monitors because of the quality of its infrastructure.

Moreover, a PHILIPS monitor is best fit for playing games as it has an optimum screen display size.

5. Dell Monitor Response Time Setting

Although a DELL monitor is considered to be the best fit for academic work, sometimes it is often chosen by gamers to have an amazing gaming experience. It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time rate of 1 ms to 5 ms. The response rate of conversion between black to grey is 1ms, that of from black to grey is 2 ms and that of black to white and vice versa is 3 ms.

6. MSI Monitor Response Time Setting

When it comes to msi monitors we found that the normal response time for MSI monitor is 8ms while the normal is 4ms. On the other hand its fastest response rate is 1ms.

Now here in this condition it will depend on your need and requirements, if you are looking for the normal response time, we will recommend you 4ms, while 1ms is the recommended for most of the monitor brands.

7. Alienware Monitor Response Time Setting

The Alienware are also well known monitors, the recommended response rate for these monitors are also 1ms like the all other monitor brands.

8. SIMMTRONICS Monitor Response Time Setting

A SIMMTRONICS monitor is best used nowadays for display purposes and surveillance purposes as they are lightweight and also has a good display card setting. The response time that it has is generally 1ms and that can also be changed from this rate to another. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ms for monitors?

Ms means “milliseconds”. It is the measurement of the response time of a monitor and is actually a unit of time. Generally, the response time is 1ms for monitors.

Is 7ms response time good?

A 7ms response rate is too high for a monitor to achieve. It is difficult to achieve this much high level response time value. If a monitor has such a high level of response time then the monitor must be accompanied by a good refresh and FPS rate.

What is a good response time for a monitor?

For gaming prospective all monitor brands have different recommended response time rate, like Philips monitor recommend 4ms while all another brands recommend up to 1ms response time for a better gaming experience.

Is 4ms response time good for gaming?

Yes, the 4ms response time is good for Philips gaming monitors, while all the other brands recommend to use 1ms response time for a better gaming experience.


Thus, the response time for a monitor is very much essential. Especially for gaming users, it is a very important aspect of their skill development. A lower response time means that their system lags in the display of scenes which creates a lagging experience for them.

A high response time can cause some damage to you as it may lead to eye strain because the level of brightness management is very much low when it comes to a high response time of a monitor.

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