Sometimes when we play a certain game on our monitor screen we get some random motion displayed on our screen which is not generally like the notion that the normal display of the monitor has. This is termed as the Motion Blur. We absolutely do not like this to happen and thus very often we want a Motion Blur reduction to be applied to the system.

This is essential because this enables the monitor to be like a CRT monitor screen that has a zero degree of motion blur. It provides the user with an ample amount of clarity of picture and clearness that actually adds to the visual experience of the gamer.

This article talks about the utility of motion blur reduction and the various technologies that allows us to enable the motion blur reduction processing:

What is Motion Blur Reduction? What are its Reasons and how to Fix it?

Lets discuss all he reasons and fixes in detail.

1. Backlight Strobing

This is the most widely used technology used by gamers to ultimately improve their image clarity and stop the motion blur problem immediately. This technology is mainly present in systems that have a high refresh rate and a fast GPU.

Also one needs to remember that to avoid motion blur reduction you need to have a monitor with a fast pixel response rate.

2. Free-sync or G-SYNC

These technologies use the concept of equating the refresh rate and the frame rate of the monitor to completely avoid the motion blur issue. This completely reduces the tearing away of the screen and also manages the stretching of the pictures on the screen.

3. Gigabyte’s Stabilizer Sync/MPRT-Sync Technology

This is the best technology to cancel out the motion blur reduction issue. This is because of a very concrete reason that it uses both backlights strobing and Free-sync technology to manage the motion of pictures on the screen. 

4. Pixel Transition

Another technology that is used for motion blur reduction is the pixel transition methodology. This is because along with a good response time the monitor should have a good pixel transition speed or more precisely a fast pixel transition speed. 

Also, to check whether your monitor is blur free or not, you may go on with the ‘Blur Busters Approved’ certification. This is specific to gaming monitors and enables them to have an idea which monitor to buy or not on the basis of the conclusion drawn out from this certification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you want 1ms motion reduction on or off?

It is better to turn off the motion reduction option while you are not playing any game on your system. This is avoid hampering of any other feature of the monitor that requires display services like video watching or working on a PowerPoint presentation.

Does full RGB cause lag?

No full RGB does not causes lag. It even helps you in minimizing the strobing effect along with the ghosting effect.


So, to avoid the blur motion issue you may go on to use any one of the technologies mentioned above. This increases you monitor’s performance and thus will provide you with an amazing gaming experience.

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