Imagine your game playing experience being hindered by your monitor is turned off. A monitor, which is the most important component for game playing purposes, is to be a very versatile machine with a minimum extent of disruptions.

If sometimes, the monitor gets disrupted in between the game playing experience then this creates a little panic among us all. The reasons for the monitor to get disrupted can be varied. If one knows the reason for the monitor disruption, the solution can be comprehended easily. 

How to Fix MSI Monitor Not Turning On Issue?

This article talks about the reasons for turning off an MSI monitor:

1. Check Cables

Check the cables connected to the monitor. Check on for the cables; if the cables are damaged or worn off, then you need to replace the cables and then set up the connection again. You also need to check the ports where you have enabled the connection.

It might be the ports that you have used up for setting up the connection are not optimized with the cables.

2. Check Power Source

Then, check the power source of the monitor. If the power source is not working properly, you need to check on the battery level and the charger being used up for the charging purpose. The charger should be of the same brand as that of the company of the monitor you are using.

3. Check Indicator

Then, check the power indicator of the monitor. The power indicator should be turned “On“. The indicator can give red light off if it has a power shortage and requires an immediate power supply. Try to maintain a power level of 75% and above for the smooth running of the monitor.

4. Check Input

The graphics card needs to be inserted properly into the monitor. Check for the “Graphic Card” slot and then see if the graphic card is inserted into the slot properly or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my MSI monitor keep going black?

The reasons can be wide ranging:

  • Your computer might be turning off itself several times.
  • The video cable might not be inserted properly into the respective slot.
  • The connector used may not be of the requirements of the slot. You may have connected a different cable to a different slot.

What causes LCD damage?

There can be various reasons for LCD damage. The most frequent reason is the cracking of the LCD screen due to mechanical shocks and heat from internal circuits. The presence of an immense amount of pressure on the fluid in between the plates of the LCD can also cause some cracking of the screen.


So, there can be various reasons for a monitor not functioning properly. The reasons can be varied, so the comprehension of the reasons is very important because, without reasons, the problem’s solution cannot be adequately comprehended.

Ensure the battery supply is uninterrupted and the charger is of the same company as the monitor or the system. The graphics card is to be inserted properly into the graphics card slot.

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