Often people face Wi-Fi-related issues that can be solved by mere restarting their router. Most people get this advice whenever they face any Wi-Fi-related problem, whether related to router speed, blinking of lights, or not giving proper internet connection. 

And most of the time, this advice works, so there is no harm in trying. In this article, we will be focusing on the major and one of the most common issues faced by the users using spectrum routers: the blinking of the red light.

This article will show you how you can fix the red light on your spectrum router. Before you jump on to the solution, you must know the cause of it. 

So, let’s understand why the red light blinks on the spectrum router and what does it mean? 

Meaning of the Red Light Blinking on Spectrum Router

A router comes with many different colors of lights such as blue, red, yellow, and if you see the red light blinking on your spectrum router, then your router might be facing some connectivity issues. 

The issue can be worse if, along with the red light, blue light is also blinking. But most of the common problems you face when it is just the blinking of the red light, which means that the router is facing issues with the power supply and failing to operate normally.

In such scenarios, often users get your stated and straight-up call the customer service and technicians but fixing the red light problem on your spectrum routers is pretty straightforward. So, before you pick up your phone to make a call on the spectrum customer support number, make some efforts on your own. 

Below, we have shared a few tricks that can help you fix the red light issue on your router.

3 Ways to Fix Spectrum Router Red Light Issue

Lets discuss each way in detail.

Reboot Your Gateway Device

The first trick is to reboot your gateway device, also known as the modem router combo. Steps to reboot your gateway device: 

  • Remove the power cable and disconnect the modem completely. After the disconnection, take out its batteries. 
  • Wait for a minute or longer, then put the batteries back in the modem and connect the power cable with the gateway device. 
  • The modem takes two or three minutes to start correctly.
  •  Once it starts properly, you will notice that the red light has stopped blinking, and all the lights will come to a stable position after a few seconds.

Try Rebooting the Router Alone

Often, you don’t require rebooting the gateway device, as rebooting the router can do the trick. Steps to restart the router alone: 

  • Disconnect the power cord from the router and another device it is connected to, and then take out the batteries. 
  • After the disconnection, let your router cool down—one of the reasons why the light was blinking could be because of the overheating of the device. 
  • After your router has cooled down properly, put the batteries in and connect the power cable with the router again. 
  • Give time to the router to start properly, and the lights will restore after a few seconds. 
  • After your spectrum router restarts, make sure that you check your internet connection and if it is working correctly or not. 

Other Easy Tricks That You Can Try

Below we have mentioned some more tricks to fix these spectrum router red light blinking issues. Take a look. 

  • Check all the cables and make sure all the cords are okay and none of them is damaged. 
  • Instead of rebooting altogether, you can also try resetting your spectrum router by just pressing the button given at the back of it. To reset, you have to long-press the button for almost 30 seconds. 
  • You can also try changing the spectrum router’s location and try to update the firmware of the modem.


Fixing the red light blinking issue on the spectrum router is not very hard. We hope these tricks will help you solve the red light issue that you might be facing with your spectrum router. At last, if none of this works, then you will have to contact spectrum customer support service.

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