You will often witness discussions on different programming forums, and conferences, about multi-monitor setups for programming.

A lot of programmers get confused while choosing their next programming setup. Whether they should choose an ultrawide monitor or a dual monitor setup.

The ultrawide vs dual monitor war has been here, and it’s going to stay here for a long time now.

Therefore, we have put together this detailed guide on ultrawide monitor vs dual monitor for programming.

So, you can choose the perfect monitor setup for your programming environment.

Ultrawide Monitor or Dual Monitor for Programming

Lets discuss all the technical terms of ultrawide and dual monitors.


Budget is the most crucial factor in your purchase decision. You should keep the budget in your mind while choosing the right type of programming monitor.

Ultrawide Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are the latest norm in the display industry. Thus, the price is on the higher end.

Although the price has reduced much in recent years. Still, the ultrawide monitors cost almost double the standard-sized monitors.

Typically, 34” monitors start from 400USD and go all the way up to 800USD, depending upon the pixel density, and other features.

Dual Monitor Setup

The dual-monitor setup is comparatively cheaper than the ultra-wide monitor. It costs almost half the price of an ultrawide monitor.

You can get the same screen size, and pixel density of an ultra-wide monitor half the price of the ultrawide monitor.

So, if you are low on budget, getting a dual-monitor setup will always be a better choice.


Ultrawide Monitor

Aesthetically the ultrawide monitor looks amazing on any computer desk. In addition, there are lesser bezels on the screen as compared to the normal monitor setup.

Plus, it has uni-display that makes it look simple and cleaner. So, your work desk looks simple, clean,  and elegant.

Dual Monitor Setup

The dual monitor setup does not aesthetically match the elegance of an ultrawide monitor, as there are two separate screen pieces in the case of a dual monitor setup.

So, you will have to deal with extra bezels on the screen, which does not look as pleasing as an ultrawide monitor.

Programming Utility

The programming utility should be your number one priority while choosing a monitor for programming. So, check whether a particular monitor setup works for your needs or not.

Ultrawide Monitor

The ultrawide monitors are fairly new in the game. Thus, a lot of programming environments and apps don’t work that efficiently on an ultrawide monitor.

Although most multi-tasking managers on Linux, and Windows are making it easier to crop apps and use all of them on a single screen. Still, it’s not there yet.

The aspect ratio of an ultrawide monitor provides you with plenty of screen real estate, which is perfect for watching movies and playing games.

However, stuffing all your IDE’s and debugging environments into a single screen might not be a productive display scenario.

Also, you need more vertical space on your monitor than the horizontal space, as you need the debugging environment which works better on the vertical display.

Dual Monitor Setup

Getting a dual monitor setup is preferred by most professional developers, as it provides you with two separate display screens for viewing the debugging window on a separate window.

In addition, you can use either of the two monitors as a vertical portrait monitor in order to have plenty of additional vertical room for debugging, and other coding tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the ultrawide monitors worth it?

The ultrawide monitors cost higher than the normal monitors. Ultrawide monitors are perfect for watching videos and playing games. However, they are not perfect for the programming needs as there is very less vertical space.

Should I get an Ultrawide or dual monitor setup for programming?

Most of the programmers prefer a dual-monitor setup over ultra-wide monitors due to the extra vertical space offered by the dual monitor setup. So, it’s better to get a dual monitor setup for programming.

Why are ultrawide monitors so expensive?

Ultrawide monitor technology is fairly new in the market. Therefore, they are comparatively expensive than the normal width monitors.

Is an Ultrawide monitor better than a dual monitor setup?

Well, the answer to this question is very subjective as it varies from person to person, and the usage.

If you are looking for a monitor to watch movies, and play games, then it’s better to get an ultrawide monitor. On the other hand, if you are looking for a monitor for programming tasks, a dual monitor setup is the way to go.


Programmers often get confused while expanding their screen real estate. Ultrawide monitor and dual monitor setup are two of the most popular display choices for programmers in the market.

We have compiled a complete ultrawide vs dual monitor for the programming guide. So, you can choose the right type of display for your programming needs.

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