Gone are the days when we used to rely on single 21” monitors. Multi-tasking is the new dilemma.

Thus, you will see more and more people are shifting towards bigger screen sizes to increase their work efficiency.

Well, there are two immensely popular methods of increasing screen size, ultrawide monitor and using a triple monitor setup available in the market.

A lot of people get confused between an ultrawide monitor and a triple monitor setup when jumping into the market in search of bigger screen size.

Therefore, we have put together this blog post, that puts ultrawide monitors vs triple monitor setup.

So, you can choose the one that works out the best for your needs.

Triple Monitor Setup VS Ultrawide Monitor

Lets discuss all the technical terms in detail.

Price Difference

Price Comparison

The first and foremost thing that you should consider is your budget, as it can heavily influence the choices.

Triple Monitor Setup

You can easily increase or decrease the budget of the three monitor setup by increasing or decreasing the size and specification of the monitors.

A decent quality 27” monitor comes at about 150$, and adding three monitor setups will provide an 81” display, and it will cost you about 450USD.

In addition, you can also add cheaper display monitors as secondary displays, and keep your main monitor top-notch.

So, if you are low on budget, getting a triple monitor setup is always a good idea.

Ultrawide Monitor

On the other hand, a decent quality 49” UW monitor will cost you anywhere between 700-1200USD depending upon the screen size, and vendor.

As the ultrawide monitor technology is relatively newer in the market, it is expensive when compared to the normal monitors.



The purpose and usage of monitor setup is another important aspect that you should keep in your mind.

Triple Monitor Setup

The triple monitor setup works better for the coding environment, as you can rotate the screen or show up your debugging screen on either of the monitors.

Although, you can do the same on a UW monitor. Still, the user experience is much better on a separate monitor setup.

Thus, the triple monitor setup works much better for programming, and finance-related tasks.

Ultrawide Monitor

The gaming screen on the UW monitor looks amazing. It blows the triple monitor setup out of the water, as there is minimum hindrance due to bezels.

Thus, ultra-wide monitors are preferred for gaming over the triple monitor setup.

Space & Aesthetics

1. Triple Monitor Setup

Aesthetically, the newer UW monitors are bliss to watch on. In addition, the ultrawide monitors are also perfect for a minimalist setup.

On the other hand, the triple monitor setup looks bulky and less pleasing as there will be a mess of different cables.

Now, talking about the spacing, the triple monitor setup surely takes a lot of space when compared to the single UW monitor.

If you are low on space, then it will be a wiser idea to use a UW monitor, as it takes less space, and can be carried around easily.



1. Triple Monitor Setup

The world is becoming bezel-less. With each and every model introduced in the market, companies are striving hard to decrease the bezel size.

No matter how few bezels you have on your triple monitor setup, you will still notice them, as it’s inevitable due to the combination of 3 different bezels.

2. Ultrawide Monitor

It’s the opposite case in the scene of a UW monitor. There are minimum bezels on an ultrawide monitor, as the whole screen is in a single unit, rather than three different units.

That means you will have a minimum hindrance on an ultra-wide monitor.

Ease of Setup

Ease of Setup

1. Triple Monitor Setup

In the three monitor setup, you will have to deal with a lot of cables, and dongles.  Also, you have to arrange these monitors, which will require extra time and effort.

Thus, setting up three different monitors is always harder.

2. Ultrawide Monitor

The set-up of the ultra-wide monitor is easy like 123. There is no extra setup required as you have to plug in just a single cable.

Moreover, there is no extra setup required, as you don’t have to deal with the setup of multiple monitors.

Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility

Last not least, you should check out the software & OS compatibility of your system with the monitor setup that you are planning to get, as some software and applications run better on the three monitor setup, and others perform well on the UW monitor setup.

1. Triple Monitor Setup

The triple monitor setup supports a wide range of programming environments. But, it does not work so well with the games and other graphical tasks.

2. Ultrawide Monitor Setup

Ultrawide monitors are your perfect companion for all the games and graphical tasks. But, some of the programming apps don’t work well with the UW monitor setup. So, check out the software compatibility before jumping in.

Ultrawide vs Triple Monitor for Sim Racing & Gaming (Our Verdict)

There is a never ending debate between gamers about the ultrawide monitors, and triple monitor setup for gaming, specially for sim racing.

Well, we think that the ultrawide monitor performs better for gaming, as the aspect ratio puts the gaming screen in a uni-unit display.

Moreover, there are no bezels, gaps, or distractions, as is the case with the triple monitor setup, where you put-up different monitors together.

Thus, we highly recommend the ultrawide monitor for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ultrawide or Triple Monitor Setup, Which One is Better?

Well, it totally depends upon your budget, desk space, and usage. If you have an adequate amount of desk space, will mix usage, and a decent budget, then we will recommend getting the UW monitor, otherwise, you can go with the triple monitor setup.

Is an ultrawide monitor better than a triple monitor for gaming?

An ultrawide monitor offers a much better gaming experience than a triple monitor setup due to lesser bezels. So, if you are looking for a new monitor setup for gaming, the UW monitor is the way to go.

Ultrawide Monitor or Triple Monitor, Which one Should I Get for Programming?

Both of these setups work well for programming. However, most of the programmers prefer a triple monitor design over a UW monitor as they require more vertical space than the normal users.


A lot of people get confused between ultrawide monitors and triple monitor setup. Therefore, we have put together different points that you should keep in mind before you buy either of the monitor setups from the market.

If you are still confused, you can always ask us in the comments section below.

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