IMAC 5K has become popular since its release in the year 2010. It has been the first computer that has been furnished with the Target Display Mode. This mode is very essential for using any system as a second monitor with another computer system. Due to this reason, IMAC has gained popularity among many users, especially those who are gaming enthusiasts.

While using IMAC 5K as a monitor for PC, you need to take care of essential aspects for the best experience. Here is all you need to know.

How to Use iMac 5K as Monitor for PC?

Lets discuss all the procedure in detail.

1. Check Requirements

The most important aspect before setting up the connection between your IMAC and your PC is to check the requirements regarding the connection. The requirements regarding the connection can be summarized below in the given pointers:

a) Look for the Ports:

Before making the connection look for the ports that are present behind your IMAC and your PC. If the IMAC supports a Thunderbolt or a Mini DisplayPort then it fulfills the first requirement of the connection.

b) Look for the Model of Your PC:

The next and a crucial step is to check for the model of your PC. For this you need to check for the version of IMAC you are using along with that of your PC. The IMAC user manual has the list of computer versions that are compatible with it. Do check this before getting up to set the connection.

Follow up the steps to set up the connection: 

  • First of all, turn off your PC model and then the IMAC system.
  • Next, take over the thunderbolt port or the Mini Display Port. 
  • Then, take on the cable and plug its one end into the thunderbolt port or the Mini Display Port of the IMAC and the other end into that of the PC system.
  • Now set up the connection between the PC and the adapter. Use a HDMI cable for this connection. 
  • Then finally turn on your PC and the IMAC.

2. Optimize the Resolution

Remember to optimize the resolution of your PC’s screen with that of the IMAC. First of all check on the resolution of the IMAC in the settings option and then go on for the setup on your PC as well. The optimal resolution is about 1440p.

3. Setup the Resolution

After the connection of the cables and all setting up of the resolution you need to follow certain steps for the final setup.

  • Turn on your PC and then your IMAC.
  • Then press and hold on to the Cmd+Fn+F2 key on the keyboard to pull on and activate the Target Display Mode.
  • Then you may see your IMAC presenting the screen of your PC as it is on the PC’s desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my IMAC support Target Display Mode?

Yes, IMAC supports the Target Display Mode in almost all of its versions. This is to ensure the utilization of it as a second monitor with any PC model.

Can you use a 27-inch IMAC as a monitor?

Yes, IMAC screens ranging between 27-inch to 29-inch can be used up as a monitor.


To make the connection between the IMAC and the PC you need to check the requirements first so that the connection is made without any interruption and problem.

The cables should be connected properly and the settings should also be optimal.

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