The MacBook series of computers has well established a market. They are used by many techno lovers and MacBook Pro is the most savored one. It has an application of its own using which you can connect it to another computer and use it as a second monitor there for a better visual experience.

MacBook Pro is very famous for its gaming functionalities and good processor. Using it as a second monitor also makes you work on multiple projects at the same time.

This article talks about the use of the Macbook Pro as a monitor for our Personal computers.

How to Use MacBook Pro as Monitor for PC?

  1. The most important aspect to consider before setting up the connection between the MacBook Pro and your Personal Computer is to have the application called Deskreen. This is used to enlarge the screen of your PC onto the MacBook Pro.
  2. Download the application onto your system. This is a free application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS app.
  3. Go on to search for a virtual display adapter. These are sometimes referred to as dummy plugs. Once you get it to go on to plug it into the USB port of your PC.
  4. Now move on to your PC. Open up the Deskreen on your PC’s desktop. The QR code that is being displayed on the PC screen will be used up to connect the PC with the MacBook Pro. If you’re unable to get the QR code in the application you may go on to use the IP address that is being provided in the application.
  5. Type the IP address on chrome or any browser. Then press on OK. Then you may see the settings to avail the Deskreen application on your PC. After setting up all the settings go on to the application again.
  6. Then go on to the Deskreen application once more and now you need to choose from the list of options available in the application, your second screen. The casting process will begin as soon as you click on Allow.
  7. Then move on to the settings of your desktop. Select the Extend option and you would see the screen of your PC go on well with the MacBook Pro. You may now use both the screens for your work and game playing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use my MacBook as a monitor for HDMI?

You can’t use your MacBook monitor for HDMI as the MacBook monitor does not support HDMI connections. The connection to be made must be through the target Display Mode or the use of the Deskreen application’s settings.

Is the HDMI port on MacBook Pro input or output?

Remember that the HDMI port on MacBook is an output port only.


Before you decide to set up the connection you need to check on some basic requirements. The most important is the availability of the Deskreen application on your desktop.

This application is a must to make the connection between your MacBook and your PC.

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